Brown is a color that has a lot of different shade variations; chocolate brown, taupe, espresso, chenille, dark brown, tan, lamont, cream and modern brown. And all of these colors also have shade variations. Normally with the leather the colors will be a little deeper than if you were to see the same color on a microfiber or fabric couch.

Leather is a great option for your brown leather sofa. Leather is durable and has the possibility of coming distressed, meaning it's made to look like it's an older or antiqued couch. There's also faux leather and genuine leather. The main difference between all of these types of leather is the price point. Faux leather iBrown Leather Sofass going to be less expensive than genuine leather. And authentic antique leather is going to be more expensive than naturally antiqued leather.

Since distressed leather is an extremely popular look, but highly expensive, there are ways to go about making your regular brown leather couch look antique. The first is to put water directly on the sofa, not too much, just apply with a rag or sponge and then blow dry it on high heat until you see a drying and cracking effect. You can do this as many times as you'd like to get the look you desire. The second option is to rub your couch down with rubbing alcohol or leather balm to heavily used areas such as seats and arms and then firmly brush it off with a rag. This may leave a scent to your couch, but it will achieve the effect of a distressed leather sofa. And you're third option is rub your couch with sandpaper; this achieves a severely distressed look.

With any of these processes make sure you do some background research and start of slow. Remember you can always go back and do it again if you want to add more distress but you can't take away distress that's already on there. Well, technically you can but it's going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Now, it's finally time to look for the couch. Most people think that buying a couch from an expensive department store is their only option; this however, is not that case. There are several other options such as antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales, and even online shopping. These are all cheaper options to going directly to a department store. However, if do want to buy your brown leather sofa from a department store, waiting until a holiday such as Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, etc. will help you save a lot money being that most department stores have sales.

Once you've purchased your brown leather sofa and gotten it home, you need to take care of it. Most leather sofas come with a leather care kit, and it would be wise for you to actually use it. And rubbing natural oils, with the exception of mineral oils and petroleum, on your leather sofa will help it to keep its shine and looking new for years to come.