Cheap business cards

Design and order cheap but high quality business cards to boost your business's image! There are so many benefits to having a good business card and I am going to show you why!

Business cards have been essential to all businesses and companies for a number of years now. I have lost count of the amount of business cards I have given out and the different redesigns I have had over the years. That's why it is good to go for cheap business cards as that cost can certainly add up.

That isn't to say that when you get business cards done you should just go for the cheapest and that's it. You still need good quality business cards as you have to often think about your business card as like a first impression. If it looks good and feels strong and glossy in the persons hand immediately they will have a higher opinion of you and know that you are serious about your business. I have had people give me cheap business cards in the past that I have simply put in my pockets and they have become crumpled due to the cheap material used. Therefore, I am much more likely to simply throw the card away if it looks tatty. Therefore, you should reconsider free business cards

On the other hand I have been given business cards by clients who aren't even in my industry. I was at a conference where I met a pleasant guy who was in the nightclub industry. I don't go to nightclubs myself but we had a good talk and it was just a "hey take my card, keep in touch" kind of thing as we departed. When I arrived home I emptied my pockets near my desk and saw his card. I had no real intention of speaking to him again however the card was so nice, glossy and with pretty designs on it that it just felt wrong to throw it in a bin. Therefore I just put it in a drawer in my desk and left it be. However, about a year later my daughter was turning 18 and she wanted to book her party at a nightclub but was having trouble finding one that would allow the full hire. I remembered I had that guy's card and I gave him a call and had her party booked. He earned about $1000 out of that deal and the reason simply was because he had a good quality business card!

So you will need to find a business card printing company that does them for cheap but also good quality which is hard to do. One thing you can do is look at business cards you receive when your networking and if there is any in particular you like don't hesitate to just ask them where they got their card from or had it done. Getting good businesses cards isn't exactly a trade secret and loads of business people will be delighted to tell you where they had theirs done and any money saving tips also.