Do you need to find cheap baby shower invitations that are also cute and professional-looking? If you are the friend of an expectant mother and have been plotting a surprise shower for her, hunting for the right cards at the right price can be a challenge. Even in this day and age of instant emailing and text messaging, sending out baby shower invitations in the mail is a time-honored tradition.

It can also be an expensive tradition if you are coveting some custom-made cards with imprints of cute babies, fluffy clouds, adorable storks and booties printed on them.

Why Not Call The Requested Baby Shower Guests Instead Of Mailing Invitations?

Have you ever wondered why in the world people are still sending out invitations for events to their friends and family members by mail?  I suppose there are some things that are so special in life that we choose to keep them formalized and traditonal. One of those special events is the birth of a child.

Let's face it, receiving a pretty, embossed party invitation in the mail box signals a special occasion better than a quick, fast email; even if that particular card was created by hand. The cheapest, most unique way to send out cards that are special is to make them yourself.

Use Your Computer  Skills To Design Your Own Cheap Baby Shower Invitations

If you have access to a computer, you have access to a lot of great ideas when it comes to finding designs to paint or print on paper. If you look at a baby shower card, it is nothing more that thicker paper embossed with printing and some cute image. There are tons of free printable baby shower invitations. If you want something original, Microsoft Word lets one create their own designed paper.

Super-Cheap Baby Shower Invitations Call For  Creative Thinking

If I was looking for a really affordable, yet unique way of making my own baby shower cards, I would first examine some of the cute designs being sold online and try to make my own version of it. Some of the popular printable ones are nothing more than words on pink or blue paper cut out into the shape of a onesie outfit. Booties, diapers, bottles and rattle shapes would be cute too.

Cheap cards can be made by simply typing up the invitation, taking it to a printer, such as Staples Office Supplies, and having them print it out on embossed paper or on pink or blue paper.

Try Your Local Arts And Crafts Store For  Card-Making Supplies And Ideas

If you have an arts and crafts store nearby, the possiblities are endless for making cheap baby shower invitations that are also professional-looking. Art supply places have stamps, tiny satin ribbons and rosettes, glue and stencils in baby-related shapes and all kinds of heavier weight paper perfect for making cheap, cute baby shower invitations that you can proud of.