You are probably in the market for a new car and you now may be wondering about car financing and what your options are. You most likely want to secure a cheap car finance loan that can be made to you at the lowest possible interest rate with as few points and fees as possible. The good news is that this is a feasible thing as long as you can gain an understanding of where you stand in terms of the factors that car loan lenders will be looking for such as credit, income, cash reserves, and trade-in value. A cheap car finance loan is within your grasp if you are willing to do these things, and the cheapest car financing can be had by those who can take the proper initiative and thus follow through by applying to a number of different lenders.

You first will need to get a hold on your credit and income as these are the two most important factors that car loan lenders will look at when deciding on whether or not to approve you and also when they are determining your interest rate and the terms of your car loan. You first must have an income, and the higher your income is in proportion to the amount of your car loan the better your chances are at receiving a low rate. Car loan lenders want to see that the car buyer can payback their loan without much difficulty, and they therefore don't want to see that you have barely any money leftover at the end of the month when all is said and done. They will also take into account your expenses, but what they really want to see is that you make a solid full-time income, and that you have money leftover each month after you've paid off all of your bills and other necessities.

Once you have your income all set, it is then wise to take inventory of your credit and personal credit score. The personal credit score is becoming more and more of an important marker to gauge an individual's financial well-being and with car loan lenders this is no exception. To get the cheapest car finance loan you must have at least what is considered to be "good" credit, and if you have what is considered to be "excellent" credit then you will already be putting yourself into position to receive the absolute lowest interest rate possible. Car loan lenders will mostly be looking at your credit score, but they might also investigate into your credit report a bit more in-depth, and if they see that you have any default accounts or bankruptcies then they may have grounds to either raise your rate or to flat-out deny you all together. This will of course depend on the individual lender's policies and best practices, and it is crucial that you know whether you have these things on your report or not to avoid any significant surprises.

Once you have your income and credit in line then it is important to find a good lender to apply to. The best way to do this in my opinion is to apply to a handful of reputable lenders that have been known to make car loans with low interest rates and fees so that you can gain a good feel for where you stand. After each lender gets back to you with a quote for your car loan then it is simply a matter of picking the best car loan with the lowest rate or if you aren't satisfied then you can choose to seek your financing elsewhere. If you choose to go this route then you will at least have a good feel for the kind of interest rate you'll be able to secure and this should make locating additional lenders even simpler. A cheap car finance loan is in your future as long as you can continue to shop around, and improve your entire application so get to work and apply with confidence.

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