Have you had an accident? Have you had to try and make a claim with you new cheaper car insurance company?

When comparing rates, you have to look at all the possibilities. Sometimes it can be so easy to get lost and totally focused on the premium. The whole reason for purchasing auto insurance, is to protect you, and your car and others around you.

But we all tend to get so focused on the cheapest  rates, that we don't always compare what happens when we do have to make a claim. In a perfect world, we would never have an accident or have to make a claim, but life happens, and no matter how careful we are, we could end up having to call that insurance company at a very stressful time.

When you got that cheapest auto insurance off the internet, and you downloaded your slip for your car, did you take a good look at it, and see what you are suppose to do in case of an accident? Does it have a 24 hour hotline? What happens if you are driving across the country? What do you do? Or was your main focus on getting that slip to be legal and paying as little as possible.


Cheaper is Not Always Better

From personal experience, I can tell you "cheaper is not always better" I purchased some cheaper insurance, and then was involved in an accident. The accident was not my fault, and the other driver was charged, but I was 200 miles from home, and when I took out that slip, they had a claims number that was open only 9 am to 5 pm. Well that is great if you have an accident during those hours, but what about after hours?

With the help of family who came and got me, and then I had to rent a car (was not covered for a rental car with my cheap policy) the company did get my car fixed. But I had to go to the cheapest body shop that they endorsed. Was totally not impressed with the outcome of this.

For the sake of a few dollars per month, I found one of the most stressful times in my life to be even more stressful, as I tried to deal with it. I ended up going back to my original company.

Support is Everything in a Stressful Moment - Remember, if you have had an accident, you need to know your car insurance company will take care of you, and your car, not leave you out there all by yourself. I never even got to talk to a person.

Compare Apples with Apples - So, I don't want to always be looking on the downside here, but when you compare rates, you have to know their policy for an accident. Many companies just toot their rate and how cheap they are, but don't always advertise how well they take care of you in the aftermath of one of the most stressful times in your life, especially if you were hurt and couldn't do anything about your car after the accident.

So, find out from friends or family, about certain car insurance companies, ask how their insurance companies were during a claim, and how well they were treated. This should be one of your deciding factors when looking for better car insurance rates. Actually phone them up, and ask what their policy is during an accident, whether it is your fault or not. Do you get a rental car? Do you get good medical benefits? Just what exactly do you get from them in an accident? You car could end up being towed to a storage yard and start accumulating fees which some insurance companies won't cover, or even the tow. So find out as much as you can before you switch companies

If you are satisfied with their answer, then you are now an informed consumer, and hopefully there will not be any surprises when you need them the most.