Finding cheap car insurance for teens may seem like a daunting challenge, but this article aims to dispel that myth. It's certainly possible to find very affordable car insurance, but it'll take a little bit of work and responsibility to make it happen. If you're a teenager in the market for insurance, or a parent looking to insure your teen, read on to learn how to get cheap car insurance rates for teens.

The reason that teens are so expensive to insure is that they get in a lot of car accidents. That may seem obvious, but when you start looking into why and what can be done to avoid it, you'll realize that you can get cheap car insurance without a problem. It's simple, really, but it will take some work.

Finding Cheap Car Insurance For Teens

The cheapest car insurance for teens will always be when they're on their parents policy. Sorry for those of you that are stuck buying your own insurance, but it's true. Your parents have probably been with their insurance company for a while, and have decent rates and an established history with them. This reason alone will save parents money when they insure their teens.

If you don't already have a policy to add a teen to, spend a while shopping around for the best deal. Please don't sign up with the first one that you "feel" is giving you a good deal, get insurance quotes from dozens before you sign up for anything. It's really the only way to make sure that you're getting the most affordable price.

If you already have a policy and your teen is on it, it's time to go to work to get their rates as low as possible. Sit down with your insurance agent and discuss all of the discounts that are available. There are lots of discounts that apply to teens, and can chop your rates by a lot of money. The most common discounts are for good grades and good attendance at school. This will be the work of the student, obviously, but the parent will usually be the one who files it with the insurance company. There are also discounts for taking Driver's Ed. and defensive driving classes. Your biggest discounts will come from these if your insurance company offers them. Be sure to look into the discounts that are offered for other things, like installing anti-theft measures on your car. Only your insurance agent will have all of these details for you.

When teens are studying and learning defensive driving skills, they get into less accidents. You can get major discounts for being a good student and driver!

Keep It Cheap

Sure, filing car accident claims and dealing with insurance companies are a pain when it comes to a car accident, but the biggest slap is when the insurance rates jump. It also seems like the less you pay when you sign up for the insurance, the more your rates jump after an accident. With this said, drive carefully! The best way to keep car insurance cheap is to stay out of trouble. Not all accidents can be prevented, but safe driving can prevent most.

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