Trying to find the cheapest car insurance is something that most drivers spend a little time doing once a year when their policy comes up of renewal. Everyone knows that women get cheaper policies than men due to the fact that they represent a lower risk to insurers but females can still make great savings if they are willing to do some research before deciding on which company to take out a policy with. Although cheap car insurance for women has always been easy enough to find we know have the Internet to help us search for the best deal around meaning it shouldn't be difficult to make significant savings without much effort.

The reason that women get cheaper car insurance is that Men, especially those under the age of 25, take more risks on the road and therefore end up having more accidents. More accidents means more claims on policies which translates into a bigger expense for the insurer.

Women are rewarded for their comparative safety in the roads with lower premiums no matter which company you decide to go with. At the same time there are companies out there than specialize in providing insurance only for women. These insurers, by eliminating male drivers, cut down on their claims expenses and can get you even larger savings. Its similar with any niche product, go to a company who specializes in it and they will probably be more successful in finding you a cheaper price.

A simple search on Google will turn up a number of companies who promise to provide cheap car insurance for women. Getting a quote from as many as you can before making a choice is the best thing you can go to reduce the price of your annual premium.

In addition to looking for woman-only insurance companies there a few more things you should be doing if you want to get cheaper insurance premiums whether your male or female. If you are finding things are financially tight at the moment then you will definitely want to take these things into consideration.

Drive a slower car with a smaller engine and less market value - Smaller, less expensive cars mean less accidents because you are less likely to drive too fast and cause a serious accident. Also, if you already own a car with a high market value, replacing it with a cheaper model it going to put extra money in your pocket.

Fitting an approved security device is another way that you can save money on your policy. Alarms and immobilizers make your car less likely to be stolen but can be expensive to fit so check that you will actually save enough to cover the cost of the device before buying.

Drive carefully to avoid making claims so that you can build up a large no claims bonus to allow you to get even better prices in the future.

Cheap car insurance for women drivers isn't too difficult to find but you have to shop around to get the absolute best price. In addition to finding the companies which offer the best quotes you can also Not only that, but if you make some changes to the car you drive and the way you drive you can make even greater savings. Making changes may strike you as being a sacrifice too far but if you want extra cash in your pocket they may be worth making.