Cheap car insurance for 17-year-old boys is not easy to come by for several reasons. First of all, teenagers who are 17, 18 and 19 year olds are more prone to cause accidents behind the wheel because they lack proper experience and judgment. They are more likely to text, speed or drink while driving compared to their older counterparts. According to statistics, motor vehicle crashes are one of the highest causes of deaths among 15 to 20 year olds. 16 year olds have the highest crash rate compared to drivers of any age. Teenage males are killed far more frequently in car accidents than teenage females. If you have a teenage boy who wants to go behind the wheel, make sure that he understands that safety is the most important element when driving. Below, I will give you some tips on how to obtain cheap car insurance for 17-year-old boys.

Picking the Right Car

The first step to getting lower car insurance for teenagers is picking the right car. Your son may want a flashy car so that he can show it off to his friends. However, getting him a red convertible Porsche will only make his insurance skyrocket. Choose a practical and safe vehicle that has four doors, airbags, anti-lock breaks and fuel efficiency. A general rule of thumb is that choosing the safest vehicle will also help you get the cheapest car insurance for young drivers.

Add him to Your Insurance

Another great way to lower cost for your 17-year-old son is by adding him to your family car insurance policy. This is much more cost effective than opening up a new one. Keep in mind that you will see an increase in your monthly car insurance payment, but you will be saving money by not opening up a second policy. This particular method is best for families that have good driving records and do not have expensive cars. 

Shop Around

If you do not want to add your son to your family car insurance policy and want him to have his own, it is best to shop around for the best deal. Rates for older drivers are fairly similar across the board. However, for young drivers, there is a lot of fluctuation in the pricing. Insurance companies usually classify an adult as a 25 year old. However, there are some companies that are willing to give low rates to even 23 year olds. If your son has gotten married at an early age, he may be qualified for low rates as well. If you are unable to get your 17-year-old son a low cost insurance rate, you should try to find a cheaper option once he hits the age of 20.

Grades Count

Is your son an A student? Statistics show that there is a strong correlation between students who receive good grades and drivers who are responsible. If your son has a report card grade of B or higher, you should let the insurance company know and you may be entitled to a 5 to 10 percent discount. It is also better to have your son take a driving course rather than teach him yourself. A lot of insurance companies look at several factors when determining the proper rate. If the company approves of the course you can get an additional 15 percent discount. Some insurance companies have traffic schools where young drivers can learn more about how to be safe on the road. Although this might be seen as tedious and a waste of time, traffic schools can lower rates as well as save your son's life. I strongly encourage you to make your son take courses if they’re available.

The Right Mentality

Teenagers are often times fearless, and think that they are invulnerable. This attitude can be very dangerous to young drivers because they will often ignore the most basic safety rules. Go for a ride with your son and encourage him to follow all the rules of the road. He may acerbically reply, “Yeah, I know. Don’t worry. I’m not stupid,” but keep pounding it into his head. Tell him that you rarely get a second chance when you’re in a car accident so it is imperative to be smart and safe. They should understand that controlling a 2-ton hunk of metal on wheels is no walk in the park. It comes with responsibilities.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will definitely be able to find cheap car insurance for your 17-year-old boy and keep him safe as well.