Women have a distinct advantage over men in an area where they are often ridiculed by stereotypes. Driving. Cheap car insurance for women is much more readily available than cheap auto insurance for men.

It could even be argued that some car insurance providers are outwardly biased towards women. But, before men everywhere raise their fists to the air and shout "We're Not Gonna Take It!", understand that there are some valid reasons why women are able to find better savings and discounts on their auto insurance premiums than men.

Here are a few reasons why auto insurance companies offer cheap car insurance for women rather than males.Women are viewed by insurance companies as less of a risk behind the wheel of an automobile than men. Men will argue that women are talking on their cell phones or fussing with their hair and makeup in the mirror rather than concentrating on the road and their surroundings. To add some credence to this male perspective, some statistics do indicate that women are indeed involved in more accidents than men.

So, you may ask, why is it easier to find cheap car insurance for women?Well, insurance companies usually have to pay less out in damages or medical payouts for the accidents that women are involved in. Women are typically involved in accidents where their vehicles have some minor body damage like dents or scratched paint. Men are more often involved in serious car accidents where they do extensive damage to not just their own vehicle but also someone else's property.

Another reason cheap womens car insurance is easy to come by is women tend to drive responsibly. Many women drive slower than men and obey traffic signs and speed limits. Women usually aren't recklessly drag racing against their friends or joyriding for the sake of joyriding. They use their car to get to and from work and school and take care of their daily errands and appointments. Whether that's dropping the kids off at daycare, going shopping or taking their grandfather to the doctor.

Women also tend to travel within close proximity to their residence resulting in lower daily use, fewer miles driven, and less physical wear and tear on their vehicles. This results in not just a longer lasting vehicle with less mechanical break down but also discounts on their auto insurance premium for low mileage.In fact, in addition to low mileage discounts, many of the discounts offered by auto insurance companies are more favorable to women than men.

For example, it's known that car insurance premiums will increase when a young driver is added to the policy. But it's the young males that tend to be more costly when it comes to rate increases. Young female drivers, for the reasons indicated above, while still causing a substantial increase to the normal adult-range rates, tend to be less costly to insure for parents. So it's within the realm of possibility to find cheap car insurance for women even if they are inexperienced younger drivers.Women, with yet another nod to their responsibility, are also more open to opening up additional lines of insurance for added discounts on their car insurance. A woman may be more open to a Renter's Policy or Personal Articles Policy to cover their belongings and earn even more discounts on their car insurance.

Cheap Car Insurance for WomenThe bottom line is there are plenty of options available to find cheap car insurance for women. Finding auto insurance in general has been simplified greatly by the Internet. It's practically inexcusable for someone not to shop around for auto insurance quotes before settling down with a company. Both men and women have the technical capability to avoid paying out high insurance premiums, assuming that they have a clean driving record, good financial standing and a reasonable automobile that doesn't cost a ton of money to insure.The Internet holds the key to some incredible bargains and opportunities to find cheap ladies car insurance.It sure beats taking the time to pick up the phone and call every single auto insurance provider in your area. Who has time for that? There are even plenty of companies and sites online that cater specifically to women seeking affordable auto insurance.Just keep in mind, once you find an auto insurance rate quote that you like, it's important to remember to speak directly with a representative to go over coverage explanations and ensure that you're getting every conceivable discount that you're eligible for. You don't want to sacrifice coverages just to save money as this could result in you spending more out of pocket in the event of an accident. Just rest assured that it's relatively easy to find cheap car insurance for women. It's just a matter of being educated about the coverages and discounts available for women drivers.