Cheap Cargo Shorts

Benefits Of Cheap Cargo Shorts:

Starting as an outdoors clothing line for hikers and travelers, cheap cargo shorts have become one of the few pieces of clothing that look good on everyone who wears them, and seem to be timeless.  Cargo shorts have been in style for years, and don’t show any signs of falling out of fashion.  They can be identified by having more than 4 pockets, usually 6, two of which are stitched to the outside of the shorts with large button down flaps to hold all of the contents.  Most people agree cheap cargo shorts are more casual than formal wear, and they are even banned from many country clubs, or fine restaurants.  

The benefits of cheap cargo shorts are simple- inexpensive, comfortable shorts with plenty of space for your money, cell phone, camera, wallet, travel guides, tools etc.  Although they certainly see more functional use from a hiker or camper, they have become a standard type of clothing for men of all ages who want to wear something more casual and comfortable than pleated shorts.  The over-sized pockets also give men’s cargo shorts as “baggy” look that is popular with younger men.  

How To Choose Cheap Cargo Shorts:

When picking out a pair of mens cargo shorts, trying to find a good value is important but don’t let price be the only factor you consider.  Style, size, quality, and proper fit all must be considered in addition to cost for a pair of cheap cargo shorts to be a good value.

Style - The majority of mens cargo shorts are made out of a Khaki material.  The color of Khaki is extremely popular because it is so versatile.  It’s neutral color can be worn with any shirts and any shoes.  Bright colors stand out well against the neutral pattern.  Cheap cargo pants are also widely available in darker colors, as well as camouflage patterns.  

Size - The most noticeable characteristic of a pair of cheap cargo shorts is the length of the leg.  As the first thing people notice from a distance, if they are too long they look like a pair of short pants.  If they are too short they make you look older and less attractive.  A perfect height allows the legs to fall just about knee height when worn comfortably around the waist.  

Quality - If the quality of a pair of cargo pants is poor, then you are both less likely to wear them, in addition to their lifespan being shorter than a normal pair of shorts.  Although it is tempting to go for the lowest price, it costs you more in the long run to keep replacing cheap cargo shorts of poor quality.  Look for irregular stitching and weak seams.  

Proper Fit - In addition to the actual length and size of cheap cargo shorts, make sure that you get a proper waist size.  To make sure you get a great sized pant, take a fabric tape measure and measure the circumference of your waist.  If it is 32 inches then you should buy your cargo shorts in a size 32 or 33 waist.