If you have carpets that need cleaning, and don't want the expense of purchasing a carpet cleaner or carpet steam cleaner full price, then you have a few options for finding cheap carpet steam cleaners that are within your budget. Many will be good name brands.

Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaners - Borrow

The first one is something you would do if you have family or friends with one. You could offer to do their carpets in return or something else that is mutually agreed upon. Ask around. Your friends may jump at the idea of you cleaning their carpet in return for borrowing their machine.

You will need to purchase the special soap that is needed, but this is a cheap way to get your carpets clean. Our family did this for years. One relative purchased the machine, but never had to do their carpets themselves, there were enough relatives borrowing it, that they always got their carpets cleaned in return for the favor!

Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaners - Purchase at Rental Stores

If you have a equipment rental store in your town or city, they will rent out everything from drills, to generators, then check with them. They usually rent commercial units and household units out, and keep them in good repair, but then after a period of time they will sell them off to replace them with newer models.

You can quite often get a good deal on one from the rental store. So, check with them, they usually carry tough higher quality units, that would normally cost quite a bit to purchase new. These units will be a bit bigger, but they have a lot of power that would work great on dirty carpets.

Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaners - Estate Sales

Estate sales are a great place to go looking for any household items. Unlike garage sales, where many items are old or used up and they just want a few dollars for them, estate sales, are households that were using all their household items, right up until there was a death.

Quite often, you get an estate sale when the family of the deceased person is trying to get rid of a house full of stuff that don't want, which may include appliances and possibly a carpet steam cleaner.

Usually when a estate sale is posted in the paper, it will give a short list of the types of items that will be for sale. If there are household appliances, and the sale is not too far from you, it may be worth checking out, not only for a cheap carpet steam cleaner, but for other possible deals. If the estate sale is being run as an auction, and you see a carpet steam cleaner amongst the things being offered, do your homework.

Make note of the name brand, and find out how much it would be to replace it with a new one. Many auctions can get out of hand, and you can end up paying too much. Personally, I find the straight estate sales better, they are run more like a garage sale, and if you allow the time, you can get some good deals, as the family do not want to have to deal with all the stuff.

Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaners - Sears Warehouse Deals

I have mentioned Sears, simply because there is one near me, but you can check with other department stores and see if they have warehouse deals, which are basically catalogue items that have been returned and can't be sold on the store floor.

These prices will be cheaper than if you purchased it new, and most times, it was returned simply because it was the wrong one or they didn't like it. Just make sure that all the parts are included. They usually make sure it is OK, but make sure the instruction manual is with it and it all checks out before purchase. You may not have a lot of models to choose from, but make sure the model you are looking at is capable of doing the type of work you want to do.

For example: If you have rooms to clean, then you need a heavy duty one, if you are just spot cleaning areas 8 x 8 and under, then you can get a smaller rated one. So, just check the details of the machine and what it is capable of doing.

Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaners

If you have just bought a house, and the present owners have wall to wall carpet, then you are going to want to clean your carpets before you move in. This is the easiest way to do it, if you can.

If you have friends asking you want you want for a house warming gift, then get them to rent or bring a carpet steam cleaner, and get them to help you with this chore as the gift. That way you don't have the expense up front. Your carpets are clean for you, and you can move right in.

Finding the Best Deal on Carpet Steam Cleaners

As with any household appliance, these can get expensive. Many times if you just go for a basic model and not have all the additional bells and whistles, they are much cheaper, but by checking out the above, you may be able to get a good brand name one with all the bells and whistles for much less then you would pay brand new.

If you find you really only need to steam clean your carpets once a year or so, or don't have any pets, then the best alternative is to rent a machine for the day and do all your carpets. The rental is usually under 30 dollars a day, and if you are only doing this once a year, then it is not worth the cost of purchasing one.

Try and organize it so that you pick it up in the morning then return later in the day. So, get your rooms ready ahead of time, before the clock starts ticking on a rental machine. Clear away as much clutter as you can, vacuum the carpet well, pre-treat spots, and then go and get the rental machine. This way it gets done faster, and you get it back for one days rent.

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