Cheap Chair Floor Protectors Felt Pads

If you have carpets in your bedroom of living room, you know how comfortable that can be. You also know that putting furniture in your living room or bedroom means that they will be living marks on your trendy carper after a while.

You will also have to deal with the same issue if you have an office desk and chair that you use on a daily basis. The pressure the furniture appley on your carpet can cause damage. With that in mind, some people have decided to invest in chair floor protectors felt pads. Often these chair floor protector felt pads are self adhesive and are not that expensive.

Chair floor protector felt pads: What you need to know.

Not all desk or chair protector felt pads are made equal. Don't also buy your floor protector felt pad kits just because they are cheap. You need to focus on the reason why you want to invest in felt pads. You need to think about buying heavy duty chair floor protector felt pads according to the weight of the home furniture on which you plan to use you chair floor protector felt pads.

Chairs and sofas on which people sit tend to be heavier and will require heavy duty felt pads. You also need to be aware that it will be worth it buying extra chair floor protector felt pads as the older ones wear out.

Chair floor protector felt pads: Where to buy and how much

Buying chair floor protector felt pads will not be the biggest investment you will have to make in your home furnishings efforts. That is because you can buy some good floor protector felt pads for as low as $4.

You will do well to buy the chair floor protector felt pad kits with various felt pads size. That will allow you to use the smaller pads for furniture with smaller leg base. You can then use the bigger felt pads for other furniture. You don't want your pads to stick out of the chair base or that you have to trim the felt pads to fit.

Where to buy cheap floor protector felt pads

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