Gift baskets are a great idea for Christmas.  You can fill them with lots of little things, and you can even make the container part of the present so as not to waste money on the basket part.

If your budget is really tight, but you want to still purchase something for a friend, relative or loved one, then here are some cheap Christmas gift basket ideas that will work just fine.

Start by making a list of who you want to buy for.  Then make a list of any hobbies or interests they may have.  Once you have a list, try and brainstorm some ideas for that hobby that will be enjoyed.  You don’t have to spend a lot here.  Many premade baskets can be good too but are often filled with very expensive items.  Creating your own is a great way to show you care as you put thought and effort into this gift rather than money.

Gift Basket Ideas

Food Baskets – These are some of the easiest and cheapest Christmas basket ideas to create.  If your giftee loves pasta for example, you can then fill their basket with many things from the dollar store and then fill in with things from the grocery store.

Dollar Store – colander, pasta fork, garlic grater, small cheese grater, nice tea towel

Grocery Store – Bottled pasta sauce, bags of pasta in various forms.

You can then take all the above items, and place them in the colander and then wrap it all in the tea towel and wrap a ribbon around it.  If your budget allows, you could add a bottle of wine, but that is the beauty of a gift basket, it can hold a few dollar items up to expensive items.  It is all about the theme that makes these Christmas basket ideas fun and affordable.

You can do the same with other cuisines and themes for foods.  The dollar store can be your best friend for the container and some of the items. 

Cheap Christmas Gift Basket ideas

Fresh Bread – I created this gift for a dear friend a few years back and she still talks about it as one of the best presents and yet it cost me very little. 

I have a bread maker, and on the day I was going to see her just before Christmas, I got up early and put on the bread maker to make a loaf of simple white bread.  In the meantime I had found a little bread basket at the dollar store, as well as a little cutting board, and a checkered tea towel, and some little jam preserves at the local farmers market the week before. 

As soon as the bread was done, I wrapped it in the tea towel and placed it in the basket with the other goodies.  The bread aroma was really inviting when I brought it into her house.  She basically sliced into it right away and we enjoyed her present together, it was very fresh and warming on that cold day.

There are many other items you could add to this type of basket.  You could bake muffins instead of bread, and then add cheeses, or jams, just pick a theme.  You can decide based on the tastes of your giftee!

Inexpensive Christmas gift

Planter Pots – In the fall and early winter you can get some good deals on leftover gardening supplies.  Outdoor planter pots and decorative planters are usually on sale, so if you can think ahead of time, it would be good to purchase these in the fall. 

You can then fill it with some seeds, or planter supplies for the following spring that will be appreciated.  Your cheap Christmas gift basket ideas, do not have to be for right away, they can be for upcoming seasons, or even for holidays.

Christmas Gift Ideas(59102)

Beach Theme – What a nice surprise on a cold Christmas day!  You can get a beach towel at the dollar store or discount department stores, and you can wrap up some beach toys, or snorkel if you have a bit more money.  These are a great gift for anyone going away for a mid-winter break in the New Year.

Bird Feeder – This is a great gift basket idea for the bird lover.  You can make this as cheap or expensive as you want, but you can find all kinds of cool ideas on the cheap for birds.  You can head to the second hand book store and find a good book on birds and bird watching or feeding.  You can then get a cheap plastic container with a lid that your giftee could keep bird seed in, and you could then purchase a small bag of bird seed or nuts, and a small scoop, and add the book for a great gift basket idea.

Frozen Dinner Basket – If your friend or relative lives on their own, and you love to cook but your finances are a bit tight, then you could give them the gift of some of your dinners frozen.

At the dollar store you can purchase small foil containers with cardboard lids that can hold your special dinners.  Create some of your great recipes in larger batches for yourself and freeze some in these containers and label them well with instructions on reheating.

Keep them in the freezer, and then you can take them to her or him in a cheap cooler bag that can be a part of your gift.  Now they have some of your great cooking to remind them of you into the New Year.

Free Christmas gifts

Mug Full of Favours – It doesn’t have to cost anything to give an inexpensive Christmas gift if you can’t afford it, but this is a great idea.  Get a mug from the dollar store, or even one of your own that you have not used, and then create pretty little gift certificates (you can download templates on the internet) with all kinds of chores or things you can do for them.

This could be a free night of babysitting which can be very helpful and appreciated by a young mother, or car washing, or dog walking or yard work or shovelling the driveway.  Then make sure you set up some dates for some of these favours as many people love to get these but are afraid to “cash them in”. 

If you set up the date ahead of time, then it will feel like a true gift.

Hope the above help you with your quest for cheap Christmas gift basket ideas or inexpensive Christmas gifts that will be enjoyed.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and you will enjoy the New Year even more without the heavy holiday debt bills.