Everyone is watching their money this year, and with Christmas around the corner, you can feel your stress levels building as you also remember January's credit card bills. So, this year it will have to be Cheap Christmas gifts for everyone, but what do you get that doesn't look cheap?

It has been so easy in the past, to just get all caught up in the carol singing, the lights in the mall, the decorated Christmas tree, and the parties, to temporarily forget about the January bills blues. You get caught up in the moment, all those big boxes on display with things we don't need, but look nice in the box right? We can spend so much money on gifts that quite often end up in the basement later.

So, what can you get the people on your list that is a thoughtful idea, but still a Cheap Christmas gift?

Cheap Christmas gift ideas, need to come from the heart and you need to know a little bit about your person. So, the first step is to create a list of the people you wish to give Christmas gifts to this year.

Once you have your list, you need to allocate a budget to this list. If you feel you can swing 20 dollars, then great, if you are down to 5 or 10 dollars, don't panic, you can still give cheap Christmas gifts from the heart, that they will enjoy and use. Now take out that money, and put away your credit cards, so that if you do need to shop for parts of these gifts, you are not tempted by the displays.

To get rid of the stress, make sure you have a family discussion about the budget this year. You don't want your sister going into debt to buy for you, when you have decided that this year will be cheap Christmas gifts right? You all want to be on the same page.

If kids are involved, then you may choose to spend a bit more on them and less on the adults in your life.. This is your decision on how you allocate your money.

Now here are some Cheap Christmas gifts and ideas to get you started.


If your person loves coffee, then get a little canister from the dollar store, then head to the bulk section of your grocery store and get little baggies of different coffee beans. You can grind them there (if your person does not have a grinder) and then put little ribbons with labels on these coffee baggies, telling them what type of coffee it is. Enough for a pot, maybe an ounce of two. This will not cost you much in those small amounts. Fill the canister with these coffee baggies, or coffee mugs for a great gift.


You can do the same with tea. Purchase a plain tea pot, or check out some of the thrift and antique stores for a deal on a vintage tea pot. Fill it with some special teas, and a nice box of tea biscuits. These are cheap Christmas gifts, but from the heart. You can include a card saying you "will be over for tea" so that part of this gift is a visit as well.

Jar gifts

If your person likes to bake or cook. You can get a nice glass jar with a lid from the dollar stores or use a mason jar. Then fill it with the dry ingredients needed for a special recipe. If you have a great cookie recipe. Then print it out nice, and fill the jar with the flower, cocoa etc, and attach a wooden spoon to the jar.

Or if you have a great bean soup recipe. Fill the jar with the required dried beans and attach the recipe and spoon. You can add as much to this gift as you can afford. But this is a good starting point to give you some cheap Christmas gift ideas.


If you have a great muffin recipe, and you know they like to bake. Purchase them a nice muffin baking tin (not expensive) and some oven mitts, and a jar of the dried ingredients along with the recipe.

You get the idea for cheap Christmas gifts to use in the kitchen. Also consider using a nice tea towel from the dollar store as the wrapping paper, this way the entire gift is usable.


If you are crafty, this is a fun one. If you have any old wool sweaters laying around, or have found an old one in a thrift shop, or your person has an old sweater that they loved but it no longer fits well, then take it apart and knit them a scarf using the wool from the old sweater. This is a cheap Christmas gift especially from the heart.

Movie Night

Get a dollar store bowl and put some packages of microwave popcorn in it along with a gift certificate from the local movie rental store.

If the gift is for a couple

You can get nice bottles of wine under 20 dollars. Wine has always been an acceptable gift idea. Or bake an assortment of cookies for them, or bake a loaf of bread and wrap it in a tea towel. This all depends on how well you know the couple.

Zero Budget

If your budget is almost non existent, but you really want to give gifts this year, then here is a great cheap Christmas gift idea. Get some nice paper and then print off some gift certificates. Such as free babysitting, or wash the car, or mow the lawn. But also have a spot at the bottom for them to put a date, so that you are serious about this gift. Get them to come up with a date now, and you put it on your calendar, especially if you are offering free babysitting.

Many people would love your gift of time better than any material gifts, so gift certificates can be a great idea, as long as you follow through with them.

Hopefully the above ideas have got your creative side working now, and maybe you can come up with some cheap Christmas gifts for this year, and avoid singing the January debt blues this season! You will look back on the holidays with fond memories instead of being terrified of the postman brining those Christmas bills!