cheap Christmas presents

Christmas is around the corner, and you want it to be special but your wallet says "NO". So how do you buy cheap Christmas gifts for under 10 dollars?. Be creative. Anyone can run down the aisles of a store and pick a box of electronics or whatever the latest thing is, and charge it. But, do your gift recipients really even want this? How much thought was put into it?.. will it end up in the basement somewhere, while you are still paying it off.

If you have a limited budget, but you have some time you can spare, then there are lots of ways to create cheap Christmas gifts under 10 dollars, sometimes less. You can still have a great holiday season, as it is about family, friends and getting together. The gift is really a token. No one in your family or circle of friends is going to want you to go into deep debt to purchase a present for them. Maybe it is time to swallow that pride and discuss it.

You could even send out an email right now, to all your family and friends, before the season gets started, and mention this. You could make it a challenge, that everyone has to buy or make a gift for under ten dollars, and see just how creative they can get, especially amongst adults!

Another great way to give your wallet a break, is to organize the picking of names. This way, if you have a lot of family or friends, you only buy or make one gift.

But no matter how you do it, here are a few tips for cheap Christmas gifts for under 10 dollars.

Recipe CD

If you your recipient loves to cook, then why not start right now, and find lots of recipes online that you think they would like. You could stick with a theme, such as 101 chicken recipes, or Crock Pot recipes.. for example. Put them all on a CD and then create a cover for the CD. You can get creative, with photo shop or draw your own pictures for the cover. This is a great way to personalize it, and is a cheap Christmas gift, and is for sure, under 10 dollars, and yet your gift recipient will be really happy with this, rather than a 10 dollar gift from the store.

Create a Calendar for a cheap Christmas gift

If you take great photographs, or you draw great pictures, or anything that will mean something to your gift recipient, then why not create a great calendar? It is the perfect time of year to receive a calendar, and each page can have your picture you created. You can do this on your computer. This is definitely a cheap Christmas gift and is under 10 dollars.


If you are creative, now is the time to make something for your friends or family. You could make pillows, paintings, knit a scarf, anything, and your recipient will love that you took the time and effort to create them a gift. This is a cheap Christmas gift under 10 dollars, but is not cheap in the meaningful way.

Gift Cup

Instead of a gift basket, get a nice mug (you can get mugs from the dollar store) and fill with little goodies. Could be chocolates, homemade candies, gift certificate for coffee, or a specialty gift certificate for a coffee at Starbucks. If you get the mug at the dollar store, you can afford to fill it with something. This is a great cheap Christmas gift, and under 10 dollars. Starbucks sells little instant coffee tubes for you to make at home. This can be a special treat in a coffee mug.

Craft Patterns

You can download free craft patterns and then print them on nice paper. The dollar store can be a great friend for supplies like this. They sell packages of patterned paper. Print the pattern and then put in a plastic sleeve. Print a few and then put in a binder and decorate it. This is a great cheap Christmas present and under 10 dollars. If you know the type of crafts they like to do, then you can do a search for a few patterns you think they would like. Anything from knitting to crochet to quilting..

Favor Gift Certificates

If you are really broke, and you just can't find anything you think they would like and you are just not that creative, then why not print up a favor card. Not just "I will walk your dog" or "baby sit". Actually put a date on it, and stick to it. This way they won't feel uncomfortable calling you. You could offer to take a senior shopping, and plan a date. Or leave the date blank, and plan the date when you give them the card, and once written in, you stick to it.

Coffee for Two

Cheap Christmas gifts don't have to appear cheap. If you lead a busy life, and you are having a hard time getting together with friends, then create a homemade card that says "coffee for two" on this date ____. Then discuss a date, and write it in. You are more likely to stick to it, and it will be remembered and appreciated as a great gift.

Digital Pictures

If you have a digital camera, start taking lots of pictures now, and then transfer them to a CD or DVD for your gift recipient. They can watch it on their computer as a slide show. You could even do a movie and put it on a DVD for them. This can be fun for everyone to watch. If you are going to be with family this Christmas, and there is a gathering before then, take lots of pictures or movies. This way at Christmas, everyone can watch. This is fun.

There are many cheap Christmas gift ideas that are under 10 dollars. Some are even free, if you are offering chores..

Enjoy the spirit of the season, and get together with friends and family, and don't put the pressure on yourself to rack up your credit card.. Make a list ahead of time. Let your family and friends know that you are budgeting, and that they don't need to buy you expensive gifts either. They may be relieved to hear this, as their budget may be strained too!

Now get that creative thinking cap on and create cheap Christmas gifts that are not "cheap" from the heart.