The beauty of using shells to make these novelties is they will not cost you anything at all. How many times have you spent part of your holidays walking on the beach collecting beautiful shells? I think everyone has done this from time to time. Then when you get home you put them in the cupboard and forget them.


With Christmas heading our way, it is time to get them out and make some very special cheap Christmas gifts for friends and relatives. And no, it is not as hard as you might think to make beautiful seashell novelties and ornaments. It will save you more money at this expensive time of year to spend on other things like food and drinks that you have to buy. And let's face it they are not cheap these days. Christmas should be more about the thought behind the gift not how much the gift cost.


When searching for shells to use in this way try to find shells that are near perfect. Avoid the ones with holes in, although you can still make use of these to create your jewelry with, so if they still look good keep them for that.


Other things to look for are dead starfish, sponges, and odd shaped coral these all look great when used in different creations.


Things you will need for a variety of creations

  • Seashells
  • Coral
  • Sponges
  • Pieces of polished wood (as a base)
  • Glue


Be creative


Try to be creative by looking at the different shapes of your shells. Many people have made boats, animals or just use them to create a decorative ornament or similar. Fan shells can be used as a base to mount other things like coral on as you can see in the above picture. Vary the different types, sizes and the colors when using shells.


To make a yacht ornament


As you can see with this little yacht shaped ornament it does not take a lot of work. You can start off with a piece of flat wood. Give it a coat of varnish in a contrasting color to shells you are using. Glue the half shell to resemble the hull of boat. Then glue the upright shell to resemble the sail. You can glue a couple of shells at the base of the sail to give it more support.



Shell Painting



If you have painting talents then this may be a good idea for you to showcase your artistic abilities. Many people love butterflies, dolphins or any animals at all so why not paint them on a lovely shell. These can also be mounted onto a wooden base.


Shell Photo Frames


This is another way to use up some of those beautiful shells. All you will need is a wooden or plastic photo frame, shells and glue. You do not have to settle for the normal square, oblong frame you could go for something more inspirational like a heart shaped one. I am sure you will have fun gluing shells onto whichever one you decide to work with.


Shell Mirrors


You can use a normal photo frame for this but instead of having the glass in the frame cut a piece of mirror to replace the glass. If you do not want to risk breaking the mirror take it to a glass place with the frame and ask them to cut the piece of mirror to fit. If you want to do a few of these, I would suggest you take them all to be cut at the same time using different shapes where possible. It would probably make a cheaper Christmas gift this way.


Now all you need to do is glue the shell using different shapes, sizes and colors of the shells to create a beautiful mirror frame. You should still be able to use the normal photo frame backing to either stand on the cupboard or hang on the wall.


Baskets of shells


If you have a nice basket or dish then you could make a feature of shells. Rearrange them differently from time to time to change the look of this basket. If the basket has a handle then decorate the handle by gluing on a group of small shells at the top of the handle.


A wreath from shells


Buy a normal craft wreath from a craft store then decorate the outside with a few leaves. Now glue an assortment of shells around the wreath. You could also make it with a mixture of Christmas flowers or holly and shells for the centre piece on your Christmas dinner table. You could also add a candle piece in the centre of this wreath to make it more attractive. Creativity is the name of this type of decorations. Look in the shop windows and copy some of the ways others are creating decorations.


I hope this article will give you some more ideas for Cheap Christmas Gifts using seashell novelties and ornaments

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