Cheap Christmas Lights allow you to get the most Christmas lighting spirit without breaking the bank in the process. As anyone who has spent a small fortune on strand after strand of Christmas lights can tell you, it's really easy to spend more money than you expected. Shopping for good bargains can save you several dollars per strand. While that might not sound like much, keep in mind that single holiday light strands don't go very far; it's not uncommon to need several strands just to cover a single window.

Chances are, you're reading this because you want to save money on Christmas lights. Your best bet is to wait until Christmas is over and stock up on some after-holiday sales. But that won't help your situation if you need them before Christmas.

Cheap Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights (33970)Outdoor Christmas Lights are designed to give off a significant amount of light at each bulb, after all, what's the point of having a killer Christmas house if it can't be seen from several blocks away? Some people go so all-out that I think you could see their houses from space.

But all joking aside, a good set of outdoor Christmas lights are going to be of heavier construction than a typical indoor strand. And that only makes sense, considering they'll be exposed to the elements - ranging from harsh winter blizzards to warm Arizona sun - in ways that indoor lights will never see. The wiring gauge is usually bigger, the insulation is thicker and the bulbs are beefier.

Most outdoor Christmas lights are wired in a series circuit, which means the whole strand won't go out if just one bulb blows. That's a huge advantage - anyone who has spent hours chasing down the "one" bad bulb that made an entire strand go out can tell you how the Christmas spirit goes right out the window. They do, however, contain fuses; so if an entire stand is out, it's probably a fuse and not a single bulb (or, worse case scenario, you blew a breaker circuit in your house).

It's also possible to string several strands of outdoor Christmas lights together to form one long strand.

You can usually get the best deals on outdoor Christmas lights through online retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart online or even

Cheap Indoor Christmas Lights

Indoor Christmas LightsUnlike the heavy, bulky outdoor lights, indoor Christmas lights are usually characterized by lighter construction materials and smaller bulbs. Because these lights won't be blasted by the outdoor winter elements, and because you don't need to see the bulbs from miles away, there isn't any reason to use the heavier materials - they would only cost more to produce, which means they would cost more to purchase.

Many indoor Christmas lights are wired in series like outdoor lights, but some are still wired in a parallel circuit. That means the entire strand could go out if one single bulb blows. Considering some indoor light strands include up to 200 bulbs, finding the bad bulb is both time intensive and frustrating. And since the bulbs are much more petite that outdoor ones, you might find yourself breaking bulbs as you take them out of their sockets.

But don't let that little horror story get you down, indoor lights make a great addition to your Christmas decoration scheme. Few things are more festive than sitting in a home that's almost entirely illuminated on the inside by warm Christmas lights lining the windows, Christmas tree, banisters, staircases, doors and even wall trim.

If you want the best prices on indoor Christmas lights, skip the local stores and check out online retailers like Amazon.