Clarinets can be very expensive instruments so you want to take all the care that you can in picking out the right one for yours. Clarinets are one of those instruments that cannot be stored in one piece else damage can occur.

Clarinet cases are typically very study with a foam interior that fits snug against the parts so no movement of the parts occurs during transport. Clarinets are very sensitive instruments so you'll want to find the best Clarinet case that you can to protect it and all of it's parts.

Most clarinet cases you will find these days come with a foam base in the interior that are formed specifically for the various pieces of the clarinet to rest in. In addition to that, you will find extra space to house any and all cleaning accessories you may have, including cork grease and cleaning cloths.

Ideally, finding a company that makes cases for a wide variety of instruments, especially wind instruments, is preferable as they will have an all around expertise that is invaluable.

A well established and respected company will be sure to give you the best advice on what you need Because whether this is your first instrument or you've been playing for years, you will need the best advice on what the best current product is.

A big demographic for clarinets and clarinet cases are children and teenagers. They're either in music class or band and are still trying out different extracurricular activities to see what they like the best.

So a good case will appeal to kids in that age bracket. Different colors of cases are a big thing here as are a wide range of shoulder straps. Different colors or designs help show off the child’s individuality and that's a good thing all the way around.

The cases and the straps also need to be of a sturdy quality as kids that age can be kind of hard on things like that, banging them against doorways and things of that nature. That being said, clarinet cases should be streamlined in design to make for the tightest and safest fit possible so there is no damage to the clarinet or accessories.

A good company will recognize these issues and have in stock the right kind of product for your needs. An injected foam for the interior storage material is what you will want to be looking for to keep everything safe.

This type of case lining is both sturdy and flexible enough so the parts don't get damaged by what's protecting them from damage. The case itself should be lightweight so transporting the instrument shouldn't be a chore.

So in closing, you're looking for a clarinet case that is durable, strong, lightweight, and good looking for a reasonable price.

Cases themselves typically won't go over the $100 price mark and you don't have to sacrifice quality either. A clarinet can be an investment so you want to protect it the best way you can.