Four Soothing Nature Sounds Inside Cloud b Sleep Sheep

To help your baby relax for her afternoon nap or for a night of sleep the Cloud b Sleep Sheep is a must-have product. The Sleep Sheep plays soothing sounds to help eliminate distracting noises. With a regular pattern of natural sounds that the Sleep Sheep proides, your baby can go to sleep in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere each time. The Cloud b Sleep Sheep is a plush toy that attaches to the baby's crib via Velcro straps, or the cute lamb can be played with while your baby drifts off to sleep.

If your baby has struggled with going to sleep for afternoon naps, the Cloud b Sleep Sheep can help drown out the noises from both inside and outside the house. The repetitive rhythms and soothing white noise that the Sleep Sheep provides helps lull babies to sleep.

The Sleep Sheep is a cute cuddly lamb that plays four natural sounds. These are all calm and soothing sounds for your baby. Unlike music, all of these sounds are natural and non-stimulating. The Cloud b Sleep Sheep can be used as a cuddly plush toy for your baby any time of day, not just nap time.

Cloud b Sleep Sheep (36690)The four sounds automatically shut off after 23 or 45 minutes (depending on the model). These four sounds are selected by one of four pushbuttons that can be operated by you or your baby. The first noise that a baby will recognize while still in the womb is his Mother's Heartbeat. The Sleep Sheep has an underwater heartbeat sound that babies find familiar and reassuring. Like adults babies seem to sleep well with the calm pitter-patter of a Spring Shower. The third soothing sound that the Sleep Sheep provides is the sound of gentle Ocean Waves calmly coming ashore. The harmonious tones of Whale Songs provide a calm and tranquil background noise for soothing your baby to sleep.

The Cloud b Sleep Sheep operates on two AA batteries which are included when buying the product new. Since the product can be washed, it is safe to look for a Sleep Sheep in consignment shops or garage sales. Buying the Sleep Sheep through Amazon gives you an opportunity to buy products new and used from other vendors at a reduced price. There are two different sizes of the Cloub b Sleep Sheep. One is a larger 12 inch tall sheep, and the other is just 8 inches tall. Some parents find that the larger Sleep Sheep is too big for a newborn baby. You may want to choose the smaller, 8 inch Sleep Sheep if you have a small child or are buying this for a newborn.

Cloud b is quickly making a name for themselves as sleep specialists for babies. Cloud b has an advisory board of sleep specialists and pediatricians to help them with the development of new products. They're concerned with achieving better, safer sleep time for babies.

The Cloud b Sleep Sheep with four soothing nature sounds is available at Amazon or many other retailers specializing in fine nursery toys. Each product has a numbered certificate of adoption to help you make the Cloud b Sleep Sheep a special toy to remember from your child's nursery. This adorable plush lamb makes a great baby shower gift.