The Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light is one of the hottest nursery products on the market today. This night light is relatively cheap. The turtle, sea turtle, and ladybug designs are both plush and decorative and look great despite their functional performance.

You don't have to pay too much either to pick up a cheap Cloud b Constellation Night Light either if you do yours hopping online. Many places offer free shipping and no tax and you can always go used by shopping at second hand stores around your town or on sites like Craigslist or eBay.

Cloud B Constellation Night LightFor new products it's hard to beat the low price and dependable reliability of quality in shopping for a Cloud B Night Light from Amazon. Amazon has this plush night light in all shapes and for the best prices outside of buying used or dealing with the different rules surrounding different sellers at eBay.

The Sea Turtle, Turtle, and Lady Bug Night Lights are popular options and can each be found at Amazon for a great price.

If you are unfamiliar with these Cloud B Night Lights they are simply stuffed animals which glow from their shells. The sea turtle night light and turtle night light are very similar in shape and their shells glow whereas the ladybug night light glows from its back and wings. Essentially each animal is very similar to the others and designed only slightly different.

The night light also lives up to it's constellation name as well in that it doesn't just glow but it projects a starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling in the direction it's shell is pointing. This makes the light more interesting and calming to your children and is a nice addition.

The Cloud B Constellation Night Light is fairly cheap for a dual purpose popular nursery item. You can find them in new condition for a little over twenty dollars and in used condition for less. If you are looking for a night light for your little baby girl this may be a good option. It is battery operated and thus can be transported anywhere so long as batteries are available to power the stuffed animal night light. Three AAA batteries are all it takes. This stuffed animal makes for a nice crib addition seeing as though it's so cute and functional. It should at least be on every young parent's radar.