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Many people need to get more education but cannot afford to go back to school.  Some high school seniors are terrified at the end cost of student loans if they have to borrow money for education.  If only there were a way to get some of the college credits at a price that they could afford; what a difference it would make.   Luckily, there are some ways to get college credits cheaply.

1.       Dual Enrollment.  If you have a student that is doing well in high school; there are colleges that offer dual enrollment.  This means that the student can take some of their college classes while still in high school.  The benefit of doing this is that the student graduates from high school with a few college credit under their belt and then the cost is either free or much less than for full time college students.

2.      AP Classes.  Many high schools offer these AP (Advance Placement) classes.  These classes are taken as part of the high school curriculum and then students take a test to receive college credit for the courses.  According to you can earn as much a one year of college credits by taking and passing the AP Exams.  Over the life of your education that can save you a lot of money.

3.      FEMA Independent Study Course.  If you are interested in Emergency Management, FEMA offers an independent study course that you can sign up to take.  You can take up to forty five courses and receive college credits for each one through Frederick Community College.   This school even offers to let you apply for free admission and work towards your Associate of Science, Emergency Management Degree.  They will evaluate any other courses from any other colleges, military training, etc and allow you to complete your basic courses at any college.  Take a look at this program if Emergency Management interests you.

4.      CLEP.  These tests cover many areas of the basic course requirements for most colleges.   CLEP offers 33 exams covering 5 subject areas.  If you can pass these exams you will be given college credit by most institutions of higher learning.  The cost of most CLEP exams are around $77 and the cost of the same course at college is about $660, do the math.

5.      GED to College.  Some organizations in your local area offer GED assistance for free to those who have dropped out of high school.  What most people don’t know is that many of them will pay for your first semester of college as a motivation for you to complete the course.  This means that you can actually start your college degree program at no cost to you. 

6.      Military.  Take the plunge to serve your country and have your entire education paid for by the Veterans Administration.  While in on Active Duty you can get Tuition Assistance that will pay for your college classes.  After you leave the military, not only will they pay your college tuition and other costs, they will also give you a monthly living allowance.  Now that’s not too bad a deal.

No matter what your goals are for your education; college is an option.  If you are short on cash look at some of the available alternatives to help you achieve your goals quickly.  For your high school students in their sophomore year, start taking a look at dual enrollment and AP classes.  This can cut down on some of the costs of going to college.  We all know that every penny counts.

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