Finding cheap colognes for men is easy to do when shopping online. Cheap colognes aren't necessarily always bad products to use for a pleasant fragrant scent. They're not as high quality of colognes that cost over $50 dollars. However, there are even some expensive colognes going for cheap prices online. Most men prefer a cologne with woody and spicy fragrances. Wood fragrances are the most popular cologne scents used in cologne products for men. Woody fragrances provide a masculine scent for men. I like to feel manly and not fruity when wearing a cologne personally.

There are cheap colognes for men that still use some of the popular essential oils to provide a woody scent when shopping online. Even some cheap colognes that features the popular sandalwood fragrance. Citrus scents have also become popular fragrances for men to wear. Citrus provides a fresh scent that women love. Some of the better colognes have a combination of citrus, oriental, smokey, and woody scents in their colognes. You can definitely still buy pleasant fragrance colognes for cheap prices. No one has to know its cheap price.

Where to buy Cheap Colognes for Men online

Hollister California Cologne for Men - Hollister is a California style cologne. Those who enjoy the scene at the beach and want to stay true to their beach roots might find that the California fragrance is a cologne they prefer to wear. It's normally a bit expensive, but it is selling online for cheap prices. Hollister doesn't list the ingredients used in the product. According to the brand it provides a clean and woody scent. The woody scent is probably sandalwood or cedarwood. Both are good essential oils to provide a masculine, manly, and desirable scent for men. Prices for a 2.5 ounce bottle are going for cheap prices for about $30 dollars. You can buy online at amazon, ebay,, and ecarter. They're normally not cheap colognes, but they're going for great deals at these online stores.

Realm By Erox Cologne - If you're looking for a oriental and spicy fragrance, then the RealM by Erox Cologne contains the fragrance notes of mandarin, orange, berry, ginger and water notes. The scent life lasts about 6-10 which isn't bad for cheap colognes. It doesn't contain that popular woody smokey fragrance, though. The scent strength is moderate. Still a pleasant fragrance that provides some spice and a citrus fragrance to its scent. The orange is complimented with basil, which gives the cologne its sweet fragrance. The mandarin adds a fruity scent to the cologne. Then the ginger provides the cologne with its spicy and earthy base to the the fragrance. You can buy the Realm By Erox Cologne online at, overstock,, and Prices will keep you in the $20 dollar range.

Sandalwood Cologne EAU DE cologne spray - Finding cheap colognes for men using sandalwood as a fragrance note is not easy. This is a very cheap cologne that does contain sandalwood. The name product is a bit misleading though. Sandalwood is used as the middle note instead of the base. Sandalwood works better as a base fragrance. Other middle notes used are basil, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, and geranium. I think this is decent cologne for its cheap price. The scent probably doesn't last that long though. However, it does contain sandalwood which is probably the most popular fragrance used in men's cologne. It is woody fragrant scent. You can buy this really cheap cologne online at deep discount, happywayfashion.come, salon savings, and Prices cost lower than $20 dollars.