Cheap Contemporary Rugs

One of the first things that come to people's minds when deciding how to decorate a room is whether to include a carpet or not; cheap contemporary rugs are a great solution for those who choose to include a carpet in their decoration. With literally hundreds of models to choose from, it may be quite difficult to choose some models to buy. Some will have price tags that boast 4 digits on them; however, with the right knowledge, and some specific models as examples, there is no doubt that you will be able to find some models to purchase that will not leave your wallet feeling empty. Once you have found one that has a design that you fancy alongside with a price tag that you believe in, there is no reason that you shouldn't make the purchase, and add it to your decor collection!

Hand Knotted Cheap Contemporary Rugs

This type of carpet has a different style than the other types of cheap contemporary rugs; the design that it holds is unique, and great in the same manner. The greatest thing about purchasing a model from this type is that you will know that the product was hand crafted, and will ensure quality and accuracy in the design.

ART Collection-Jute Check $47.99

ART Collection-Jute Mesh $47.99

ART Collection-Jute Stripe $49.99

Persian Sage $124.99

Persian Bakhtiari 3x5 $799.99

Sheepskin Cheap Contemporary Rugs

Sheepskin models have a unique feel to them that some people enjoy, and others hate. It comes down to a matter of personal taste regarding these models; there isn't really an "in between", but rather you either love them or hate them. It is important to look at these models first when you are considering sheepskin cheap contemporary rugs because they will offer you the best bang for your buck.

Lambskin Baby $59.99

Orbit-Designer Black $529.99

Poma-Orange Floral $669.99

Peach-Petal On $669.99

Champagne And Chocolate Bear $124.99

Hand Tufted Cheap Contemporary Rugs

Many people get the hand-tufted and hand-knotted models confused because of their similarity in name; however, they are relatively different! This type can get rather expensive when you begin to look at the bigger brand names; however, these models of hand tufted cheap contemporary rugs offer a relatively inexpensive solution by being mediocre styled brand names.

ALM-Avocado $79.99

ALM-Rusty Orange Stripe $99.99

BEN-Abstract Blues $93.99

Floral-Blues And Greens $139.99

BEN-Black Tetra $89.99

Sisal Cheap Contemporary Rugs

This type of carpet offers a unique design, and would suit nearly any room that you place them in. The greatest thing about the design of these sisal cheap contemporary rugs is that they come in a large variety of colors. This ultimately means that you can accent your floor with a carpet of any color that your heart desires.

Bay Collection-Sisal Black $39.99

Bay Collection-Sisal Green $49.99

Bay Collection-Sissal Yellow$44.99

Mohawk Cheap Contemporary Rugs

These fall in the middle of the vast price range that is associated with cheap contemporary rugs; they are more expensive than the $30 models, but cheaper than the $800 models. Their designs are beautiful and elegant, and the feel that they provide your feet with is absolutely astonishing! Take a look at these models before you make a purchase, and you will surely be satisfied.

Four Star Brocard $109.99

Mohawk Select-Island Breeze $369.99

Shag-Woodstock Cottage White $99.99

Mohawk Select-Brazil Black $129.99

Five Star Wolford $199.99

Cheap contemporary rugs would be a great addition to any decoration collection; they offer a perfect decor item for an affordable price. However, with such a large selection, it may be difficult to choose which one to buy. This article lists the 5 most popular types of these rugs, as well as the 5 models that offer the best bang for your buck within each type. Take a look at these models before you make a purchase, and you will surely be satisfied with what you have bought!