Contemporary Side Tables - Cheap Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary side tables are furnishings with a modern twist; some may be purely works of art while others combine clean artistic design with function. They can be used to accent existing decor and will provide a focal point wherever they are placed. Many contemporary side tables are offered with matching or coordinating coffee and accent tables.

Construction of Contemporary Side Tables

The construction of contemporary side tables may be totally unlike other furnishings in the home. These are often designed or inspired by artists and may be created in mediums or a mix of materials that are not generally used to build furniture. Plastic resin is one material that is often used when building modern contemporary furniture due to its ability to be molded or poured into unique shapes as well as finishing options. The exterior of a piece of molded plastic may be very smooth and shiny simulating lacquer or it may be grained like concrete to name just two options. Concrete itself may be used in a similar manner, to simulate stone or simply used as a statement in its own manner.

Other materials that are often used to construct contemporary side tables include various metals combined with glass. These provide a very clean streamlined effect which lends a modern sometimes commercial feel to the room. Wood is no stranger to modern contemporary furniture. The difference between the use of wood in this manner and traditional furnishings is with the lines and lack of ornamentation in carvings and finishing detail. The legs may be designed in an angular or long curved manner; unique tops such as triangular shapes may be used. Often drawer pulls will be either concealed or created in very simple metal designs and curves.

Box shapes are commonly used in the construction of contemporary side tables, as are circular plates of glass perched atop unique pedestal bases constructed of plastic or metal. One piece that illustrates the design elements is constructed with a plastic base available in many colors, which is shaped like a curved razor handle. A round glass top is placed above this pedestal which allows the design element to stand out in the room. When wood is used to create contemporary side tables it may be finished in either a very light or dark wood, or may be painted, regardless of the finish used it will not have elaborate ornamentation.

Shopping for Contemporary Side Tables

Shopping for contemporary side tables locally may present a problem unless you are located in a large city with several furniture stores and art galleries. Most stores are not able to carry a large selection of styles and colors due to the vast array that is available, however they may be able to order custom pieces.

Online shopping for contemporary side tables will offer hundreds to choose from in every conceivable color and material. Simply typing "contemporary side tables" into the search engine will introduce a plethora of options. Limiting the choices down after browsing through some of the options will be easy by adding additional search terms such as wood, glass or metal. Many sites are devoted to offering contemporary furnishings only, however most furniture sites will have contemporary offerings as well. Additional matching pieces such as coffee tables and accent tables may also be available online.

Pricing Contemporary Side Tables

Pricing contemporary side tables will not provide a problem, many sites show comparisons side by side offered through various online vendors. Choosing a table and typing the key terms into the search engine is another option for comparing pricing on a single table.

An example of pricing for contemporary side table includes the razor shaped base plus glass pedestal top which can be purchased for 102 dollars through 31 different online sites as of this writing. A simple Italian designed table with a chromed steel base and lacquered white top can be purchased for 182 dollars from 7 different sites. A cylindrical shaped double chromed base contemporary side table with a glass top can be purchased as inexpensively as 62 dollars and is available from 8 online stores. These are simply a few that have been chosen for comparison, hundreds are available to choose from in almost every price range.

Choosing a contemporary side table to complement existing furnishings or as the beginning of a whole new style will allow the shopper the opportunity to browse through a huge selection until they find the perfect piece. Modern contemporary side tables will add a fresh look to furnishings and the entire room.