Cheap cotton diabetic socks are sold in most stores just like their normal crew sock brethren. There are of course different features to look for in diabetic socks which are a little different than traditional socks but over all they aren't a lot different. The cost of cotton socks for diabetics will also be a bit higher than the mass produced socks found at Walmarrt or Target but cotton simply isn't that expensive so your costs are still going to be lower in general.

Cotton Diabetic SocksThe best diabetic socks are not going to be made of cotton. Cotton is a fabric that absorbs a lot of moisture. Generally speaking diabetics want to avoid moisture as much as possible their feet because moisture can lead to softened skin and can also lead to irritation as your skin rubs up against seams, pressure points, and moist cotton.

This is one major thing to keep in mind when buying diabetic shoes and socks made of cotton and its one major reason why none of the top of the line diabetic socks are made of cotton. Most of the best socks like Thorlo socks and other name brands are made of high end fibers which whisk moisture away from the skin rather than trap in near the skin.

Inevitably though there is a place in any wardrobe for a few pairs of simple and cheap cotton socks and if you are going to buy them you might as well buy either the cheapest cotton diabetic socks or the best cotton socks. After all you are getting a discount by buying cotton so you might as well get the best cotton socks they make to compliment your diabetic walking shoes.

As with any sock for diabetic feet you should look for seamless socks which help to minimize pressure points and irritation in your walking shoe. Cotton socks are not known for being seamless but many diabetic socks are no matter what material they are made out of.

Another thing to look for is a paid of good cotton diabetic socks which fit as good as possible. If you wear size ten shoes then find size ten socks. Don't buy the size 6-12 pack that reads: one-size-fits-most. Socks which fit this description will never really fit all that well and they will have bigger potential for bunching up ion your shoe creating pressure points. If you're going to create your own pressure points then you are completely defeating the purpose of buying seamless socks.

It may be hard to find cheap socks for diabetics for single foot sizes. If this is the case and you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for expensive socks that fit perfectly the find a good set with the smallest foot size range as possible.

As previously noted, cotton diabetic socks are not going to cost as much as the best socks for diabetics. Even still they will be a bit more expensive than the Costo 10-pack of cotton crew cut socks. These cheap cotton diabetic socks on Amazon sell for a reasonable $21 for 12 pairs. This compares to cheap cotton socks for anybody which will are in the $16 range for 12 pairs on Amazon. Obviously you can see the price difference but it should be worth it for the better care these socks will have on your feet.