Country Style Curtains: Get the Country Look

Country style curtains are the kind of curtains that you see in a country farm house, of which there are various types. If you prefer curtains with a flowery design, they come in a wide range of colours and patterns. You can even go for the traditional red and white plaid curtains which are very well suited to country style kitchens and traditional pine kitchen units with an old gas burner stove. Country style curtains give a room the feeling of "home".

What are they made of ?

Country style curtains are usually made out of cotton or polyester, though some of them are made of thick silk - however these are obviously slightly more expensive than the cotton or polyester variety.

What are the different types?

When it comes to country style curtains, there are a plethora of types. The one you select will depend on your style and taste as well as your choice of décor.

Country valance curtains

Country valance curtains cover the curtain fixtures and are usually matched to the actual drapes. They are normally made out of cotton or polyester. You can find designs with a ruffly effect or just go for a simpler straight and streamlined effect with country valance curtains. They come in various colours to compliment your choice of drapes and the rest of the room.

Country Priscilla Curtains

Country priscilla curtains are usually elaborate with ruffles and trimming, they come in wide range of colours and you can decide to go for a block colour or a patterned fabric. The usual choice for country style curtains is plaid or flower monochrome. Country priscilla curtains look best coupled with country valances. You can opt for one that matches your chosen pattern or you can opt for one that is contrasting - depending on the particular effect you wish to create. Matching valances usually look more traditional and contrasting ones more contemporary. They are usually made of polyester or cotton, and they can be teamed with sheer frilly curtains to create an exceptionally "country" look.

Country swag curtains

Country swag curtains can look very dramatic, and can give your room an elegant yet homely look. The swags are triangular gathered curtains. They are decorative and are often chosen by interior designers to create a traditional and sophisticated look for a room. Swag curtains are always lined, and can be made from very heavy fabric. Swag curtains look best in block colours with the lining in a contrasting colour. Say, for example, you went for a teal coloured curtain, a cream or white lining would be complimentary. Just like all country style curtains, they look best with a valance, again you could go for a matching valance, or you could opt for a contrasting colour - the same principles apply here. With swag curtains, a contrasting tie back with matching trim really works well. Swag curtains look best when made with heavy silk fabric, however this is obviously a lot more expensive than cotton or polyester - so you'll have to choose wisely based on both taste and budget.

Country kitchen curtains

Country kitchen curtains are traditionally used in the kitchen - no surprise, and can come in a variety of styles. The most common style to use for a country kitchen would be the traditional red and white plaid. This is the most common, therefore if you want to go something different, then you could opt for a blue and white plaid or even a block colour with a flowery pattern - each of these works well in a kitchen. Kitchen curtains are usually made from a light cotton. They are rarely made from a heavy fabric, because of the fact that kitchens are prone to condensation, and a light cotton fabric is more suited to these kind of conditions. You wouldn't want silk curtains absorbing all that moisture and deteriorating because of it. Country style kitchen curtains usually cover only half of the window, and the top half is covered by a country valance. With kitchen curtains it it is most common to go for a contrasting colour for the valance. The more traditional kitchens would have a sheer net valance curtain and a red and white plaid cotton curtain at the bottom.

Where can I purchase country style curtains?

Curtain Stores

Country style curtains can be purchased from a curtain store. The best thing to do is measure your window area before going to the store. Measure all areas, including the length and the width, making sure to make allowances for your desired length. The sales advisor should be able to advise you on which style of curtains is best for your desired look.


If you don't want to go through the hassle of travelling to the store and wading through a plethora of fabrics, then you can purchase your country style curtains online. There are a variety of websites that stock country style curtains as well as an array of other styles for comparison purposes. Country Curtains is an online store that specializes in country curtain styles. You can either opt for standard measurements and adjust them yourself, or you could go for a custom fitted option. This means that you would measure your window area and purchase your curtains accordingly.

If you are fitting your curtains yourself then you should make sure you have measured the window area properly and that you aware of exactly how to install them. If you would like to ensure your curtains are fitted professionally then most curtain stores have a fitting service. A fitting service is also available in some online stores, but this option is obvsiouly less convenient.

Country style curtains can easily compliment a traditionally decorated house. If you prefer more modern décor, then you could actually go for a modern day twist on the old country traditional look - mixing old with new to create an amalgamation of past and present styles, which can be quite charming if done right.