Parents are forever trying to find ways to entertain their little ones. If the entertainment that you're providing also helps to complete a much needed task then all the better! Multi-tasking is always great! The much needed task that I'll help you to complete for your toddler or even older child is bathing.

bath crayons


Depending on your child's opinion of bath time determines whether this task is enjoyable or a real chore. If the child you're bathing has a deep dislike for bathing you're likely to be in for a real nightmare.


Most parents have tried the normal routine of adding bath toys and while your child may be amused momentarily, most children become quickly bored with a rubber duck or doll. It wasn't until I ran across Crayola bath gel crayons and markers that my little one decided bath time was play time. Despite the high price of $5.96 for five small gel soaps that resembled crayons, I was willing to pay it in hopes it would keep my daughter amused. It was a brilliant investment. She adored bathing while she doodled all over herself and the bathtub with her brightly colored soap crayons. The downside is after two baths, the five Crayola colored soaps were gone. She was no longer screaming because she had to take a bath, but now screaming because she didn't have her colored soaps. Unable to keep paying $3.00 for every bath she took, I came up with an alternative that was not only much, much less expensive, but super easy and it works just as well - if not better than Crayola Bath Crayons or Markers!


First, purchase the Crayola Colored Bath Soaps. Unfortunately, I've not found a less expensive container that will work as well. Let your child enjoy them until there is no more colored gel soap left inside. Refill the empty containers with your favorite clear, tear-free baby wash adding a drop of food coloring to create the color you want. It is important to use a tear-free wash to ensure your toddler doesn't get soap into his or her eyes that is painful. It is also ideal to use a clear wash so that the color is not distorted when adding the food coloring. Now you and your child can enjoy a fuss-free bath without all the expense of bath crayons!

This method will also work with other brands as well as bath finger paints, bath markers, bath paints, etc. Be creative!

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bath wash to refill your bath crayons. First and foremost, use an appropriate wash. Never use an adult wash or detergents of any kind that is not meant specifically for children. There are many brands to choose from Johnson and Johnson's, Avalon, Parent's Choice and many more. The main thing is to make certain that your little one's eyes are protected by using a wash that is tear-free and designed for children.

It is possible to find tear-free bath soaps that are already colored. The color is usually determined by the fragrance. However, this option is generally a bit more expensive.

Finally, consider your child's personal allergies and skin sensitivity when choosing a bath wash. Ideally, you'll use the same everyday bath wash to refill your bath soap crayons.

As with any bath crayon, paint or marker make sure you rinse your child's bath art off of all surfaces as staining is possible if the colored soap is allowed to sit for an extended period of time.