If you are looking for a cheap crystal chandelier, you will find that you will be overwhelmed by the range that is on offer.

With the advancement in technology and manufacturing, the price of producing these beautiful light fittings have now become more affordable.

A Little Bit About Chandeliers

The first incarnations of the chandelier was very different to how we know them today. They were originally constructed from a wooden cross frame and had metal spikes attached. This is where the candles would be attached. The whole construction would then be leveraged into place using a rope and pulley contraption which would then be tied securely to keep the lighting in place.

Move forward a couple of centuries and the chandelier evolved to include precious metals like gold, silver and bronze. These chandeliers became a symbol of wealth and nobility as only the rich could afford such things. The more gold and silver that was used, the richer the landowner professed to be.

A couple of centuries later and the popularity of crystal chandeliers occurred due to the developments in the glass making industry and the new techniques used to create ornately shaped and coloured glass. This is the time when light fittings started to become very extravagant and ornate.

The crystal like glass beautifully reflected the light around the room so the whole chandelier was a highly regarded focal point of a room or grand hall. This was indeed a real status symbol for the landed gentry.

The Modern World Of Crystal Chandeliers

In the later part of the 20th century electricity was finally commonly found in all homes and many people opted to purchase the mini crystal chandelier variety as their decoration of choice. This suited the style of the homes at the time, which tended to have smaller rooms.

Chandeliers For Today's Home

With a recent resurgence of people looking to invest in their homes to live as opposed to preparing them for sale, more and more people are seeking the best cheap crystal chandelier they can find to enhance the beauty of their living space within a set budget.

The choice of metals and colours are so extensive that you should have no problem finding the right type of chandelier to fit in your hallway or bedroom.

Take a look online for the different types available. You can even choose how many light bulb fittings you would like on your chandelier.

We have certainly come a long way since the creation of the wooden cross framed chandelier. Whatever you decide on, a cheap crystal chandelier will look beautiful in your home.

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