Custom Drapes: Get The Perfect Fit

Drapes can give your room that final touch, adding curtains and soft furnishings is usually called "dressing the room" in the interior design world. Therefore when it comes to picking out curtains it is always a good idea to get something that is going to compliment the overall décor of the room they are going to be fitted in. Drapes can really make all the difference to a room. If you want the perfect fit and the perfect curtains to suit your needs then it is worth looking into getting custom drapes.

What are Custom Drapes?

Custom drapes are made to measure and are specifically designed and tailored to suit your window. Color, seems, and curtain rods are all pieces that can be specifically chosen to suit your every taste. Not only will custom drapes amplify the beauty of a large window, they will enhance the warmth and texture of a beautifully decorated room.

Where can you get Custom Drapes?

Custom curtains can be purchased from a specialist curtain shop, whereby you can measure your window space yourself and take the measurements to the shop. The professional advisers can then talk you through all the possible fabrics for the curtains as well as give you an idea of how much your curtains are going to cost. At this point the advisor may book an appointment to come to your house and fit your curtains for you. Having the curtains professionally fitted is probably better than trying to fit them yourself. As custom curtains are obviously going to be more expensive than off the shelf curtains you would not want to ruin them by trying to fit them yourself.

Retail stores such as Sears will come fit your windows after you pick your desired materials, rods, and overhang. After the fitting, they will be fabricated offsite from Sears, shipped, and then installed by a Sears representative. Sears aside, many department stores typically have a curtain department in their home improvement section.

You can also get custom drapes online, the same procedure usually applies, you should carefully measure your window space. You will have to input all the measurement details, and pick out the fabric. Once you have ordered the curtains you should be able to book a professional curtain fitter to come and fit your curtains for you. Most websites specialising in retailing Custom Curtains should be able to offer this service. You will obviously have to pay more than you would have to pay if you were to just go and purchase a set of curtains from off the shelf.

Advantages of Custom Curtains

When it comes to custom drapes the advantages are that you will always get the perfect fit. Sometimes off the rail curtains can look cheap, ill fitting and just not right for your window. Custom curtains give you the option of choosing your own fabric, you can even choose a fabric and and decide to have it in a different colour to suit your needs. There will also be less chance of your window treatment looking like anyone else's. Therefore you will be getting a completely unique window treatment.

Custom curtains often hold a long lifespan. Because they are specifically made to suit the geometries of each window, they will sit on your windows for as long as time lets them. Not only will custom curtains maintain longevity, they may increase the value of your home depending on the size and number of windows.

Disadvantages of Custom Curtains

Having your curtains custom made, basically means you can choose anything you like and it will be unique. However the only downside to this is the fact that you will have to pay slightly more than you would have to pay if you were to purchase ready made curtains. Price ranges can often dip into the thousands burning a hole through your wallet. Additionally, custom drapes often take copious time. This is because you first must choose your style, then a custom fitter will measure your windows to ensure accurate fabrication, and an installation will follow - It can potentially take you months to receive your custom curtains. These limitations are true pitfalls of custom curtains as not everyone can afford them.


Fabrics are so important when choosing curtains, because they need to be good quality in order to last. They also need to match and compliment your décor, you may want your curtains to keep your room warm during cold months, therefore you should be thinking about getting lined curtains. If you want your curtains to be less functional and more style oriented then you should think about opting for a fabric that is more suited for style purposes rather than functional purposes.


Cotton is a very common fabric for curtains and is a popular choice, if you want custom curtains but you don't have the money to splash out on expensive fabrics as well as have them expertly fitted, then cotton is the best fabric for you. They may not look as luxurious as other fabrics, however you will still get a perfectly fitted set of curtains but you won't have to win the lottery to be able to afford them.


Polyester is even cheaper than cotton, although it is a viable alternative, it is not the best option when it comes to custom custom drapes. The reason for this, is the quality of polyester is not brilliant, therefore getting custom made polyester curtains would probably not make much sense. It might be best to opt for ready made polyester curtains.


Silk is perfect for custom made curtains, there are various types of silk therefore the choices are endless. It also adds that touch of opulence, the only thing with silk is you should be prepared to spend a lot. Silk curtains are expensive on their own let alone custom silk curtains. If you have a larger budget then silk is an excellent option.

Custom drapes are perfect for anyone who really wants to give their window dressing the special and personal touch. There is nothing like having the perfect curtains for the perfect room, curtains always add the finishing touch to any newly decorated room.