Let's face it, a lot of people love Diane Von Furstenberg and want to know where to get cheap DVF dresses.

 Von Furstenburg really is the mother of the wrap dress, which was born in the 1970s during the disco era. She started her wrap dress company with $30,000 dollars and began to rock the design world with her iconic dresses that were long enough to wrap the body in a figure loving way. That is why DVF is so loved, it's because the wrap dress looks great on a size 0 and even very beautiful and flattering on a size 16. Note, I know her dresses typically only go up to a 14, but when I was a size 16 (I've since lost about 40 pounds) I could rock a 14 wrap style dress. Yes, it's THAT forgiving.

And though these designer dresses can run from a few hundreds dollars to a thousand dollars, many women want to know where to find cheap DVF wrap dresses on sale. Luckily, to get a Diane Von dress on the cheap, you only need to look as far as a few known online places and even a few less known offline places as well. Cheap DVF DressesCredit: MOMA - Heilbrunn Timeline

Discount DVF Wrap Dresses

 Discount DVF wrap dresses can be found in a variety of places some may really surprise you.

 Top Places to Get A Great DVF Dress on the Cheap:

  1. Ebay: So I'll start with the most obvious place. If you love DVF, you can often get her iconic wrap and sheath dresses on Ebay. Start by just searching for ongoing bids and bid on the dresses you like most. Then do searches on misspellings. Diane Von Furstenberg's name is often misspelled. Von Frostenburg is a popular misspelling, as is Frustenburg. I've also seen DVF dresses described as Diane Von. Check all possible spellings, many times people who list DVF dresses have no idea what they are and what they are worth, making the possibility to score one quite easy when knowing a few tips and tricks.

  2. Nordsrtom's Rack: The rack dresses have been known to be sometimes 85 to 95% off. And these places are often great for getting cheap DVF dresses. Nordstrom's Rack is often where items are taken when they have been altered or slightly damaged. Note that any alternation or deviations on these designer dresses can often be fixed and are well worth the price. Call around to various Nordstrom Rack's in your area to make sure they carry the cheap DVF dresses.

  3. Consignment Shops: Consignment shops are well regarded and well known to carry cheap designer dresses. And you maybe able to score a cheap Diane Von dress. Again, so you don't have to scramble or really dig through all the inventory, call ahead first to see if they can give you a quick break down of designers and prices.

  4. Thrift Stores: Of course this one is probably a real no brainier too. BUT you must go to a thrift store in a higher end area. This is important. You won't find a cheap DVF dress in a thrift store in the middle of no where, population 2. Stick to the swankier parts of town and be prepared to spend most of the day looking through high end thrift store DVF dresses.

 There you have it.

I'm sure you love Diane Von V as much as I do. Know what are your cheap DVF dresses story?