If you're like me, then you're always looking for a way to save some money. When necessary we cut back or even eliminate certain luxuries in our lives; for example, gel manicures/pedicures, frappes, and even cable television. However, if you're involved with someone or married, then you don't ever want to cut out dating. This is a nonnegotiable luxury! But what you can do is get smart and creative about the ways that you date. I mean a good date doesn't always have to include a lobster dinner, and you shouldn't have to take out a payday loan to woo your "boo". So, here are some cheap yet cool date ideas that I hope you and your "honey" can enjoy. 


The average movie ticket is a whopping $10 and frankly so is a box of popcorn. With these numbers you're looking to spend at least $40 just to see a flick. Add dinner and you're spending close to $100 or better on a single night of bliss. Why not switch things up and go to Redbox instead? I know that there's some good movies that you missed at the theater. What better and inexpensive way to seize missed opportunities than with a  Redbox selection. Now get yourselves some Pop Secret and sodas and voila, a perfect movie date all under $10! You can dim the lights and snuggle and take advantage of that pause button (smile). Drive ins are another less expensive route to a movie date. Although they're not in all geographic locations, they're usually about $3 cheaper, and you can smuggle your own snacks inside your car. 


Okay, skip the restaurants and cook your mate his or her favorite meal. Better yet both of you cook it together. You guys can spend quality time together and not worry about whether the chef did something questionable to your food. Cheap menu ideas include pasta dishes, burgers, tacos, and pizza. Just avoid using too much garlic or onions as that would make it difficult to get too close to each other after dinner. 



Nothing beats  a nice walk in the park. Try going at night and gaze into the stars. You can pack a goody bag of sandwiches and some sparkling wine with plastic wine glasses and really do it up. Don't forget your blankets!


Final thoughts....

Remember, there's nothing wrong with a cheap date. It's the time that you spend together that's most important. Be nonconventional and see a matinee. Take advantage of those Applebee's 2 for $20 specials. Make a night out of watching your favorite TV show premiers or marathons. Most of all, just enjoy each other and be proud of all the money that you save.