Fall in Love with these Cheap Dates for the Fall Season

If money is tight, this article will give you some cute and fun ideas for cheap dates. Has the stricken economy put a serious damper on your dating life? Do you find you just don’t have extra cash leftover to date in the high style you'd like to? You're not alone. With a tanking economy, most of us cannot afford costly excursions or activities.

Cheap dates don’t equate with bad dating. Actually, some of our greatest joys and memories are found in the simplest moments arising from the simplest of actions.

Cheap dates can also bring you and your partner closer, thereby strengthening the overall substance of your relationship. For example, movies are entertaining, but they're also restrictive, in that you cannot talk. With cheap dates, though, you'll enjoy quality one-on-one time where you and your date can talk openly, and share your thoughts and feelings.

And if you're in a serious relationship, in which one or both of you are hearing ‘wedding bells’, planning quality cheap dates will show her or him that you care about money, and that you don't spend it recklessly for the sake of spending. Further, it shows you're able to be creative and make something special out of nothing, or simply put, you can still find ways to prosper, and have a blast during this severe economic downturn.

This article will list some actionable ideas for cheap dates that will allow you and your significant other to savor the joys of fall. Every season holds its own sense of wonder and magic. Let the senses of fall wash over you, inspire you, and let your love grow deeper on these cheap dates. As the saying goes, “sometimes less is more.”

Read on with an inventive heart and mind that's open to the adventures of cheap dates this fall season.

Cheap Dates - Idea One

Cheap Dates - Fall Season - Play Ball!Credit: http://www.designedtoat.com/football.shtmlTake your date to a football game. Even if the two of you aren't the biggest fans in the world, nothing says fall like a big game. With the exception of professional games, and some universities, tickets are usually reasonable. High school games, including concessions, are a particularly good value, qualifying them as cheap dates. And where they're concerned, you know your money is being circulated back into the school’s athletic program. So, grab your significant other, and head to a local game. Just don’t forget the blanket, so you can cuddle together.

If you live in reasonable proximity to your college alma mater, perhaps you have made plans to return for a special weekend, like homecoming or the arch rival game. Typically, tailgating is an annual ritual with college ball, so take your date along. As for cheap dates, if the tailgating event isn't catered, then you may be asked to bring some type of covered dish. This is the ideal opportunity to introduce her or him to your old college buddies. This is especially true if there's to be a wedding in your future, and these friends will figure into the wedding party.

Another way to introduce friends is to host a football party, and invite both sets of friends. Using coupons to purchase ingredients, and preparing the dishes at home, will cut costs for this type of cheap dates social.

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Cheap Dates - Idea Two

Cheap Dates - Fall Season - Attend an Autumn FestivalCredit: http://www.designedtoat.com/fall.shtml

Check out a local fall festival for a fantastic cheap dates option. Smell and taste perennial fall favorites like steaming hot apple cider and fresh baked pumpkin pies. See the trees showcase fall’s vibrant colors. Listen to the dancing leaves crunching beneath your feet as you walk. Feel the nip in the air as you and your significant other stroll hand in hand through the festival. Let the romance and ambiance of the fall season envelope you and your date.

Except for incidentals like food, and any souvenirs, your costs for attending a fall festival should be minor, making them excellent cheap dates.

Cheap Dates - Idea Three

Cheap Dates - Fall Season - Be Picky - Go Apple PickingCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Apple_orchard_in_Marlboro,_New_York.JPG

Pack a picnic lunch, and visit a nearby apple orchard. Picnic lunches for two, not only make for cheap dates, but they're romantic. After lunch, walk around and explore the orchard. If you're allowed to pick apples, take a few for later. Based on the particular orchard, there may be a cost to pick the apples, but nothing beats fruit fresh from the tree. And when you return home that evening, make and bake an apple pie together. Nothing's more romantic, or sensuous, than cooking together.

In advance of your date, search for nearby apple orchards on the Internet. Once you find a couple, call and ask all pertinent details about cost and whether they allow picnics on their premises. As a final touch, purchase the ingredients for the pie beforehand. Again, the Internet will have a zillion different recipes. This type of advance planning is what makes cheap dates fun and memorable.

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Cheap Dates - Idea Four

Cheap Dates - Fall Season - Stage a Pumpkin Carving CompetitionCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pumpkins_Hancock_Shaker_village_2418.jpgGet set to carve! For this cheap dates inspiration, have a little fun with pumpkins. Fall wouldn't be fall without the revered pumpkin. If you don't have a nearby pumpkin patch, purchase a couple of pumpkins from your local grocery store or farmers’ market.

The game is on, as the two of you engage in a jack-o-lantern carving competition. Cheap dates aren't fun spent in the ER, so be careful with the knives. Spread out some newspaper, and let your Michelangelo out, as you sculpt your masterpiece. Raise the stakes … the loser gets cleanup duty on this date!

You can purchase the pumpkins ahead of time, or the two of you can go together to get them. Either way, this is one of those cheap dates, which are frightfully fun.

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Cheap Dates - Idea Five

Cheap Dates - Fall Season - Time to Get Your Spook On!Credit: http://www.designedtoat.com/hal.htm

Have a little Halloween fun, because Halloween isn't just for kids. Check the Internet for Halloween events around your area. Organizations that sponsor bonfires with ghost stories are guaranteed to generate some major league cuddling. Another good bet is a spooky hayride. Spooky hayrides are quintessential Halloween and very romantic. Be ready to snuggle, and protect each other from witches, ghosts, and globins on these cheap dates for Halloween.

Depending on your living situation, the two of you could get together on Halloween night to give out candy to the kids. Since you're going to be handing out candy anyway, this is an example of cheap dates that are more like no cost courting.

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Cheap Dates - Idea Six

Cheap Dates - Fall Season - Enjoy the ViewCredit: http://www.freefoto.com/images/811/12/811_12_7641_prev.jpg

Take a drive. Depending on your locale, the later part of October is the peak of fall foliage. Drive to the mountains or into the country, and soak up the beauty of fall’s blazing foliage. Pack another picnic, and eat outside among the trees. Cheap dates like this are beautiful in many ways. Savor them together.

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Cheap Dates - Idea Seven

Cheap Dates - Fall Season - Be ThankfulCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Thanksgiving_grace_1942.jpgThe stage and nature of your relationship will determine whether you'll be bringing him or her home for Thanksgiving. If ‘meeting the parents’ is part of your Thanksgiving plans, then chances are good that most of your activities together, as a couple, will revolve around the folks and family. In this case, instead of cheap dates, your holiday will be more about family time.

If, for whatever reason, the two of you are spending Thanksgiving together, sans family, then here are a few options for celebrating the holiday, which may or may not include cheap dates.

Cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and invite your friends over, singles, couples, and their assorted children. If money's tight, scale down the amount of food and drink, or consider having folks in for coffee and dessert. This is more like a group date, than cheap dates for couples, but this is a holiday for sharing, after all.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who haven't been hurt by the economy, consider donating some of your money, your time, your culinary skills, and/or food to local organizations that serve a Thanksgiving day feast to the homeless or either at shelters for battered women and their children. Far more than cheap dates, volunteering together at a shelter, such as these, will help those who can’t help themselves, and that's one of the meanings of the Thanksgiving season.

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