Spring Has Sprung—Time for Cheap Dates

The Spring Equinox has arrived, and that means it is time to shake off those winter blues and head outdoors for some fun cheap dates. The economy may still have the wintertime blahs, but your dating life does not have to. Put a spring in your step with these cheap dates for spring.


Springtime Cheap Dates One—The Couple Who Plants Together, Stays Together

Planting a veggie and/or flower garden together, as a couple, is not only fun, but it creates cheap dates options for both the spring and the summer season. As your garden grows, throughout the spring and summer, so will this cheap dates idea, and so will your relationship.


Aside from providing many cheap dates, growing your own fresh vegetables and herbs offers many benefits.


First, you will be eating healthy, because you have these fresh vegetables and herbs readily on hand. Plus, when you grow them organically, without the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides, you know they will be safe and healthy for consumption.


Second, you will save money by growing your own vegetables and herbs as opposed to going out and buying them at the grocery store or from a farmer’s market. And while the prices for organic produce have decreased overtime, they will still cost you more than less wholesome, conventionally grown produce.


Third, when you have a plentiful supply of veggies and herbs, you will be eager to use them. Cooking meals at home means you will be eating healthier and saving money, too. And if you prepare your meals as a couple, there’s an offering for a multitude of cheap dates as you explore new recipes and cuisines together.


Of course, to reap these bountiful harvests means working your vegetable and herb garden:  watering your plants, pulling weeds, fertilizing with natural, organic compost, and picking off any plant-eating-bugs with your hands. Do these activities, together, all spring and summer, and cheap dates will always abound.


Whereas vegetable plants will bear fruit that will nourish your body, flower plants will bear buds that will nourish your soul. Savor the romance of cultivating beautiful flowers together. Maintaining these flowers, weeding the flower bed(s), cutting the flowers, crafting lovely flower arrangements inside the home—all activities, together, to form another variant of cheap dates.


Springtime Cheap Dates Two—The Couple Who Landscapes Together, Stays Together

So, you and your sweetie have discovered that you both love veggie, herb, and flower gardening. Well, why not expand on this passion, and landscape the yard, together, giving you days and moments of cheap dates throughout the spring and summer months. If one of you, either separately or together, owns a home, then get outside, and make your outdoor space shine with beauty.


You can landscape as much, or as little, as you both like. You can incorporate just a few flower, perennial, and/or shrub beds, or you can incorporate many. Maybe you have grand plans, but not much money or time this year. Then relax! Landscaping, as a hobby, is one that can grow and evolve each year, always giving you something to look for to, to plan, and to anticipate doing for the next year. Therefore, every aspect of landscaping becomes a cheap dates moment.


And to save money, both in terms of landscaping and cheap dates, buy seeds instead of plants. Or, if you just have to have a particular plant(s), wait until its particular season wanes, and buy it on clearance. And as fancy as all those boutique gardening shops look, buy from discount home and garden warehouse stores like Lowe’s. The plants are the same; you’re just not paying for all the additional décor and decoration that comes with the boutique store. Also, stores like Lowe’s often offer a warranty on their plants; inquire before purchasing.


Finally, activities like landscaping and mowing your lawn are also excellent forms of exercise. Maybe, to save money, you can even suspend your gym membership for the spring and summer while you ‘workout’ in your yard. Remember, couples who sweat together on cheap dates, stay together!


Springtime Cheap Dates Three—The Couple Who Picnics Together, Stays Together

Looking for something fun and romantic to do near to home? Picnics make awesome cheap dates. And they pair so nicely with the other above referenced spring cheap dates suggestions.


Take all those fresh picked veggies and herbs, and fix some tasty picnic eats. Pick a picnic spot in a park, public garden, or the beach, where you can study the flowers, plants, greenery, and general scenery to formulate ideas for your own landscape.


Hint for guys:  If you do not think your girl will like a picnic remember the park scene in the movie, Pretty Woman, when Vivian convinced Edward to take the day off, and remember what happened later that evening!


Springtime Cheap Dates Four—The Couple Who Camps, Hikes, Cycles, and Explores Together, Stays Together

Along with the general depression of the economy, do gas prices have you fuming? As history as shown, our gas prices will always be an issue. Sometimes, they will be cheaper, and be a nonissue. And sometimes they will be high, and be a major issue. Whatever the state, it is always nice to save gas for a variety of reasons:  environmental (less air pollution, irregardless of your stance on global warming), political (we’re buying less oil from countries that, even on a good day, do not exactly love us), and financial (simple really—the less you buy the more money you save).


But despite all this, you still want to have fun. So, try having some fun locally. The United States, as well as other countries, is blessed with many wonderful National Parks. A simple Google search will bring up the websites for each country’s National Park Service. And chances are there is one or more near to you.


How many times have you heard this little tale? The American raving to her or his friend over how wonderful their extended vacation was in England? Or, vice versa, the English person raving to her or his friend how wonderful their extended holiday was in America? Then, you tell her or him how exhilarating, breathtaking, educational, etc. your trip was to one of your local National Parks. Your American or English friend stares at you dumbfounded—that is so close, but they have never visited there before.


So, this spring, why not grab your sweetie, and explore a nearby National Park. Depending on the nature of the park, the two of you can camp, hike, cycle, etc., together, making this time an invigorating cheap dates experience. And, like with landscaping, this offers terrific, natural exercise.


Hurry, do not delay—spring into Spring with these cheap dates.


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