Credit: GlossyGirl2

"I want to take my partner out but I'm broke."


If you’re tired of spending $40 on a dozen roses, you are not alone. Luckily, there are several ways to keep your wallet in your pocket and enjoy a date without spending $60 on Olive Garden and Pacific Rim.



Go on a picnic together. Why go to a fancy restaurant when you can surprise the love of your life with a picnic basket and your homemade food? A picnic can be much more than PB&J sandwiches. Try making some beefy Gyro’s and pita chips with hummus. Bring along some sunscreen and, if you're feeling adventurous, a couple of bikes.


Visit a drive in movie theatre. What could be more romantic than watching a movie together under the stars? Drive in’s are typically much cheaper than a typical movie theatre, but they are declining quickly. Visit one with your love before they are gone.


Go window shopping. Who says you have to go to the mall and buy stuff? Bringing your sweetie shopping with no intention of buying can actually be a lot of fun. Make a game out of it: If you had $300 to spend today, what would you buy? You may find out a lot about your significant other through this bonding experience.


Exercise together. Who said it had to be romantic? Working out heightens your mood. When you do it with your hunny, you can feel good about yourselves together. Besides, don’t you want to see his shirtless body benching the bar?


Have your own candlelight dinner. Hey, you have to eat anyway, right? Cooking something you both enjoy can be a bonding experience, whether it’s Italian cheese tortellini or a cheeseburger. Enjoy it together afterwards by candlelight and compliment each other’s skills on flipping burgers.


Play old video games together. Why rent a movie when you can dig out some nostalgic memories? More than likely, one of you has an old game system you can rediscover. Bring that Sega out from under your bed and show your significant other the Sonic games you used to love.


Spend a day in a state park. Or better yet, go camping together. If you can find someone who has camping equipment you can borrow, you are in for the ultimate date. Enjoy hiking together, a romantic canoe ride at sunset, and holding each other for warmth under the moon.