Decorative Bathroom Mirrors - Large & Small Functional Mirrors

Every bathroom worth its salt has at least one functional mirror in it, but several decorative bathroom mirrors can greatly enhance the appeal of your bathroom. Decorative bathroom mirrors aren't just great to look at, they're also functional for makeup application or shaving, and a source of pride for you to display. Despite the name, you can use a decorative bathroom mirror in other settings too, such as on a desk or table top.

Types of Decorative Bathroom Mirrors

The basic functional mirror in your bathroom simply allows you to take a quick look to enhance your looks. There are cabinet mirrors, extending mirrors that most men can appreciate for shaving, framed or unframed wall mirrors, and hand-held accessories.

Cabinet mirrors are usually found on your bathroom furniture pieces. Large cabinets may have mirror accents in a variety of shapes. Most medicine or toiletry cabinets have a rectangular mirrored door. Shiny chrome and metallic extending mirrors can crisscross your bathroom space allowing partners to share the bathroom space during crunch times in the morning. Larger framed mirrors are usually used for decorative purposed, most of their decorating contribution comes from their inherent designs and materials. Handheld accessories allow you to perfect your beauty routines and personal hygiene rituals.

Mirrors in Use - Public Bathrooms

Decorative bathroom mirrors aren't only found in homes but also at the restrooms of offices, commercial establishments, public facilities; they're also found in spas, swimming pools and baths for the public.

Aside from using the mirrors to check out your reflection, etching designs on your mirror can boost your professional reputation. Etchings can be used on a simple flat mirror or the mounted cabinet types. You can get etching kits from you local crafts store and do it yourself, for a home-based mirror, or have professional work done especially for mirrors used in corporate settings.

In most establishments, a sleek, clean and modern effect is achieved by framing mirrors in aluminum, chrome or any highly polished metal. Family friendly restaurants and facilities are starting to opt for the more affordable fiberglass and plastic frames in colorful, fun styles.

You can dress up your unframed mirrors by framing it yourself with a custom cut wooden frame, rough-cut lumber, or even metal works, again depending on the style you want.

Personalizing the Look of Your Mirrors

Remember to figure out in advance how much moving space you will need around the mirror, before you putter around in the bathroom. Include in your considerations all bathroom light fixtures and access to switches and electrical appliances you would be using in front of it.

Framing becomes more challenging when the mirror is cut in an irregular shape. Ask the staff from a friendly local frame shop how to measure the dimensions and seek their assistance on your project. Again you can be the DIY champion or have them custom fit a frame for your bathroom.

One idea is to mount shutters over your mirror for a folksy, spring window feel. Many old shutters can be found in flea markets and antique stores. Want to be sure of durability and quality? Choose and buy new shutters from hardware stores that carry them.

A great, soft look for any lady's bathroom mirror is to finish off mirrors with curtains. Use a floral or lace valance across the top for a light, airy look that girls love. For a more dramatic, elegant approach drape a rich, heavy fabric and let it hang down the sides. Just keep in mind there's always a lot of moisture in a bathroom, so if the fabric isn't water resistant, it may need to be laundered often to prevent mold and mildew.

Best Buys are online Online and in Sales!

Start with becoming familiar with the many types of mirror designs available. Shop around home d馗or shops and sites online to find exactly what you want. Watch out for neighborhood sales and estate sales or auctions for more premium pieces.

Online you can browse by Age, Size, Shape and Color: Antique Mirrors, Black and Gold Mirrors, Black Mirrors, Brown Mirrors, Ornate Mirrors, Oval Mirrors, Round Mirrors, Square Mirrors, Sunburst Mirrors or White Mirrors.

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These are the kind of mirrors that reflect our daily personal rituals back to us. We may not always like what we see in our mirrors, but perhaps after focusing on how well our decorative bathroom mirrors reflect the truth, we can take the small simple steps we need in order to also improve.

After all, it goes both ways: enhancing the bathroom with a mirror, enhancing the mirror itself, also enhances our selves. Ultimately the cycle will come full circle and we end up happier, brighter, clearer about our lives, our homes and our place in society.