Beautiful and Decorative White Framed Mirrors for Your Home

White framed mirrors always provide a clean and classy solution to your home. Do away the notion that it's only for bathrooms or accent corners - you can brighten up any living space with white framed mirrors, so rest assured that no matter where you put it, it'll be right at home, wherever you are, no matter how cozy or grand your home is.

White Framed Mirrors: Large, Small, Antique & Modern

Far from coming from a humble background, you could say mirrors have a noble ancestry. Mirrors have been in use around Europe since the dark ages, but most were made from highly polished metals, which only the wealthy and nobility could afford. The glass mirrors we are now familiar with, were evident in Roman times. Some antique mirrors were made by applying a silver coating to crystal. Today's mirrors are mostly made of float glass, a ribbon of glass that is immediately backed by hot tin once it gets out of the furnace, a more affordable and durable product.

Make sure that you consider what the white framed mirror itself is made of. Evaluate the sturdiness and reliability of the frame, its shape and size, its convenience and ease of maintenance. While most modern mirrors are made of glass, there are a number of ways glass is manufactured, and a variety of materials mixed in with it. So it's good to do a bit of research online to see the actual compositions and manufacturing processes of glass mirrors, if they have them on their websites.

The whiteness of every frame also depends upon the aesthetic choice of the individual homeowner. Pure white, creamy white or off white are nevertheless still neutral enough to blend easily with any décor. Wooden frames provide a rustic and natural feel to the mirror. Plastics, acrylic and other manufactured materials in the frame often enhance a more modern set up.

At Home

But now, why would you need this if you're just starting out on your first pad or first home? First time home makers will appreciate the versatility of simple classic mirrors framed in neutral tones, made from sturdy and hardy materials. If you're looking for a piece that is sure to grow with you and your home, a white, framed mirror is surely one of your best considerations.

When you're starting a family, or bringing up the kids, mirrors may often get in the way of toddlers and children. Simply rearranging the furniture and your glass mirror can help to prevent nasty accidents. Secure a place for it on top of a solid bureau or cabinet, fix them permanently on walls and doors, keeping them away from tiny hands and making sure they're immobile will take a load off your mind. There are also glass-less options for those concerned about shattering glass.

As you move from your first home into bigger and hopefully, better digs, remember that a change in lifestyles often becomes easier to accept when you keep familiar pieces with you as you move. No matter what color scheme or style you plan your home to be in, you won't need to worry about fitting your mirror right in, white will always be aesthetically correct!

Fun Finds

Style, shape and size are the top three considerations any professional decorator and interior designer would in mind when looking for a white framed mirror. If you're looking to find them online, it won't be too hard. There are many merchant sites, but there are also many homemakers who have decided to move on without their white framed mirrors. Surf, chat them up and inquire via email as to why they are moving, how the mirror was once part of their home and why they have decided to offer the mirror up for sale.

As a decorative and functional piece in your home, mirrors are so flexible that there are sure to be many shape and size options available for you to choose from online, at your favorite home stores, antique shops and even neighborhood yard sales. How much would the mirrors would cost would depend on materials, manufacturing and design sensibility.

Design-wise, whether you are simply looking for an accent piece or the central piece for your dressing room, whether you prefer a sleek, modern line, the decorative or classic styles, there's a mirror out there with your home at its heart.

All you need to do is to have the heart to find it. Make an adventure out of it, many ingenious homemakers find their pieces serendipitously. Whether you believe in chance, or fate, or accidents, it all makes discovering the perfect mirror for your home so much more fun!

Weigh in on White Framed Mirrors

Found, bought or re-painted and re-finished a white framed mirror? Tell other online enthusiasts about it, upload a picture and show us how you've incorporated your white framed mirrors into your home, right away!