Nikon COOLPIX L26 16.1 MP Digital Camera - Black

The Nikon Coolpix L26 point and shoot digital camera offers surprisingly good image quality for such a small and cheap camera. I really wasn't expecting much from such a small digital camera, because most point and shoot digital cameras offer questionable image quality when compared to much higher priced digital cameras and digital SLR's, but for the price I paid for this small compact camera I am quite pleased with the output

Nikon Coolpix L26 Specifications

There's other more technical reviews on this point and shoot camera and you can read more detailed reviews elsewhere, but I did want to touch on the main specifications on the Nikon Coolpix L26 so you have an idea what you're getting for your money: 

This small point and shoot offers 16.1 megapixesl of resolution - more than enough for the type of camera this represents. There are micro 4/3 and digital SLR cameras on sale today that don't offer anywhere near the resolution of this little gem. 

Of course, resolution means nothing without a lens and the L26 features real Nikkor glass with both wide and telescopic 5x optical zoom, that ranges from approximately 28mm for wide angle shooting and 105mm for the longer ranges when you need to get closer to your subject. 

A 3 inch LCD display round out the features on this small Nikon camera, and as the photo of the rear of the camera shows, the entire rear of the camera is the display with just about 25% of the space allocated to buttons


Nikon CoolPix L26 - Rear

And speaking of buttons, you can see that the Nikon Coolpix L26 features a dedicated video recording button that offers full HD video recording 720p. Of course, to fully appreciate the video from the Nikon, you will need to display the videos on a HDTV instead of viewing them on the small 3 inch display.

The controls on the Nikon could not be simpler: On the top of the camera is an on/off button and a shutter release button. A ring around the shutter release button operates the zoom feature when both shooting and in playback mode. Toggle the switch to the left for wide angle shooting and toggle it right for zooming in on the subject. 

The rear of the camera is where you will spend most of your time when it comes to adjusting camera settings, and as you can see all the important settings are at a touch of button. You have the choice of switching between two modes when shooting: In shooting mode (the green camera), you can choose between many different scene settings such as sports, food, close up, etc or because this is a point and shoot, you can select to have the camera select the correct setting automatically for your subject. 

Hit the play button on the back of the camera, and you are in playback mode where you can review your images and movies at the touch of a button. This is good design, as on some others the playback button is on the top of the camera or behind some switch, and I find that a dedicated button on the rear of the camera makes much more sense.  

A menu button allows you to quickly enter the menu to change your settings and the trash button allows you to delete either one photo, or all depending on your needs. The OK button is where you confirm your selection and the ring around this button is where you'll get set things like auto timer, exposure compensation ( I loved that you didn't have to navigate menus to adjust exposure compensation and flash and macro settings are featured too. 

Overall, I found the little Nikon intuitive to use and uncomplicated. The image quality is excellent for a compact camera and the small weigh and size means I actually wanted to take this camera with me due to the compact feel. This camera easily fit in the palm of my hand. 

My shooting style does not include the use of flash so I did not test this feature out. I find that flash from a direct flash offers less than optimal results so I left it off for my testing purposes. I also did not spend a lot of time with the video features as I intended to use this camera for still images online. 

Nikon Coolpix L26 Sample Images. 

A digital camera review would be useless without a few examples of the image quality so here a are a few images I took with this little Nikon:

Nikon Coolpix - Houses Coffee CupGreen Grass


For the price, you really can't go wrong with this digital camera from Nikon. Some may scoff at this camera for being too simple and not professional enough. But if you want to buy a small digital camera you can stuff in your pocket so you'll be ready for anyting, the Coolpix L26 by Nikon is a great buy.