People everywhere are searching for cheap digital scales. Why, you ask? Well, they can serve many purposes. Some people use them to aid in their attempt to reach a goal weight, while others may simply be fighting a disease such as diabetes. A digital scale is quickly becoming a common appliance in many kitchens. There has been a lot of media attention drawn to the obesity crisis in the United States; therefore, many Americans are looking to devices to simplify the dieting process. This article is for those of you currently searching out a cheap digital scale to assist in making better lifestyle choices. Included below are five digital scales that all have good craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and ease of use.


Taylor Precision 3831BL BI 6.5 Lb. Digital Food Scale


Taylor Biggest Loser 6.6 Pounds Kitchen Scale with Glass PlatformThis digital scale is also called the Biggest Loser Digital Food Scale. It is designed to measure out your food and also ingredients to assist in portion control. This cheap digital scale also includes a feature that allows you to weigh even as you are adding food and/or ingredients. This allows you to add additional food or ingredients in the same bowl you are weighing with without emptying the bowl. This cheap digital scale has received rave reviews from those that have purchased it. It has received four and a half stars on where it lists for eighteen dollars and fifty four cents. The Biggest Loser Digital Scale can also be found at for the same price. However, the best price on this cheap digital scale seems to be on where it has received a four and a half star rating and sells for as little as thirteen dollars and four five cents. All of the above mentioned websites included shipping and tax in their final price so you won't have to worry about any surprise freight charges.


EatSmart Precision Pro-Multifunctional Digital Scale


This cheap digital scale can also be found on with a list price of forty four dollars and EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale with Extra Large LCD and 11 Lb. Capacityninety five cents, but currently it is on sale for twenty five dollars (shipping and tax included). This scale has received five star ratings from purchasing consumers. This multi-functional scale has many of the features of the Biggest Loser Digital Scale but is also available in a wide array of colors. Some of these include: white, red, black with chrome weighing surface, and white with a chrome weighing surface. The color selection is nice because it allows you to keep your color scheme of the kitchen so you may also display this in a cabinet or a maybe on your countertop. This cheap digital scale is sold by EatSmart Products.


EatSmart Nutrition Scale

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale - Professional Food and Nutrient CalculatorThis cheap digital scale is also sold by EatSmart Products. It retails for around eighty nine dollars and ninety five cents but can be found as cheap as sixty five dollars. The EatSmart Nutrition Scale is designed for those that have made the decision to find out exactly what is in the food they are ingesting. This is one of the best cheap digital scales because it has a database of nine hundred ninety nine common food values. It also tracks up to twelve nutrient values. This scale allows you to add and subtract food until you have successfully reached your ideal nutrition goal. This scale is also equipped with something called "memory mode." This feature allows you to save up to ninety nine additional entries of your favorite foods. A nutritional facts calculator is yet another feature that sets this cheap digital scale apart from the rest. The EatSmart Nutrition Scale also has the "tare feature." The tare feature is useful when additional weight is to be left out the end weight, this means that when additional weight has been added the scale automatically "tares" back to zero. The weight of the added object is then subtracted from the weight being displayed. This may be a cheap digital scale but its construction states otherwise. The scale has a tempered glass top which comes in handy for those of us who may be a bit clumsy. This scale can be found by using Google search and entering EatSmart/Health Tools, LLC.


Two Cheap Digital Scales found on


The first of which is the Primo Digital Scale. It has an eleven pound capacity and is designed to be spill Primo Digital Scale, 11lb 5kg, Chromeproof. This cheap digital scale is also equipped with the "tare feature." The Primo Digital Scale has metric conversion and a digital display. It is powered by two double A batteries which are included in the purchase. The scale is about eight inches long, six inches wide, and one and a quarter inches deep making it easy to store on any kitchen counter. This cheap digital scale also receives a five star rating from consumers and has a five year limited manufacturer's warranty. The Primo Digital Scale is available in two colors chrome and red. The list price on this item is twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents.

The second is simply called the Digital Food Scale. This cheap digital scale has a smaller weight capacity of only six point six pounds. This scale operates on a lifetime lithium battery eliminating the expense of additional battery purchasing. The Digital Food Scale has a digital display and small enough for cabinet storage. This product also comes with a one year limited manufacturer's warranty. This scale is equipped to weigh in ounces or grams. is selling this item for twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents.

In conclusion, I hope for whatever reason you are in the market for a cheap digital scale, be it a simple jump start to a new diet or struggling to maintain your blood sugar levels, this article has assisted you in some part of your decision. Don't forget if you aren't ready to give out your credit card information on the web you can also drive to your local Wal-mart or Target stores. Many of the above mentioned items are available both online and in the store. For the avid net searcher it may be a better idea to look online for the simple fact there are more products to choose from and more times than not a discount is available online and not in the retail store.