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Digital Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders can be really expensive. However, it is possible to get cheap digital voice recorders that still meet your needs. In order to figure out how to get cheap digital voice recorders, it is important to figure out what your needs are and what type of voice recorder will fill them. Digital voice recorders have revolutionized the way that people record and remember information. They are used by a variety of different jobs as well as excellent tools for college students, writers, poets, and others who need to remember or capture information on the go. Using a cheap digital voice recorder is great for those who often have ideas and forget them before they are able to find a writing utensil and paper. Cheap voice recorders are definitely a must have school supply for college students. The voice recorders are great to have as a first year student supply.

Hand Held Tape Recorders

One of the cheapest type of voice recorder is the hand held tape recorder. Hand held tape recorders do not have the digital microchip technology that the high class digital voice recorders have, but they are still very useful. The hand held tape recorder requires microcassette tapes and are similar to a walkman. They are very simply made and are usually sturdy. The handheld tape recorders are often bigger than the digital voice recorders. These are going to be one of the cheapest voice recorder options, but while you are considering which recorder to buy do not forget to calculate the purchase and replacement of the microcassette tapes.

Digital Voice Recorder

There are several options that are considered price points for the digital voice recorder. If several of these price points are met on the high end then the cost will be a bit higher, but this does not mean you cannot find cheap digital voice recorders. Before you buy a digital voice recorder, it is important to figure out exactly why you are buying it. The specifications of the digital voice recorder will change the price. The Sony voice recorder is the #1 voice recorder at Amazon and is a good show of a cheap digital voice recorder that includes all of the functions, including compatibility with the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software.

Digital Voice Recorder Specifications

1. Voice activated. Voice activation is a nice feature and makes it easy to start the digital voice recorder. This feature can also be handy if you do not necessarily want someone to know that you are recording them.

2. USB transfer capability. Some digital voice recorders are able to be plugged into a USB port on the computer either directly or through a USB adapter cord, and then they can transfer the digitally recorded information onto your computer. Cheap digital voice recorders do not necessarily have this feature. This tends to be one of the most important digital voice recorder specifications that makes a difference to people. Buying one without it will also make the digital recorder cheaper. Anytime something is made to connect to the internet then it is going to up the price. Still, some cheap digital voice recorders may have this function. The USB transfer to computer is used to transfer a recording to the laptop. Whether it is music or you use the feature to record notes that you want to have typed up via the Dragon Naturally Speaking software is up to you. Not every recorder has this feature.

3. Recording time. The recording time is usually pretty important to someone who is buying a digital voice recorder. It again depends on why you want to get a digital voice recorder. If you are buying it to record simple ideas and not lengthy projects then seeking out the cheapest digital voice recorder at the lowest recording time will still be enough. If you need help in college, so you use a recorder, make sure you get one that records a day's worth of lectures. All of the voice recorders seem to offer a lot of time.

4. Microphone sensitivity. Some microphones on the digital voice recorders do not pick up sound very well. This is not only the cheap digital voice recorders, but sometimes certain brands or how you are recording. Mostly though, the affordable and expensive digital voice recorders are quite good with sound quality.

5. Size. For some, size matters. Most of the digital voice recorders are pretty small. Even the older and cheaper counterparts, the handheld tape recorders, are small. If your voice recorder is on an mp3 player it might be very small. Many of these electronics devices are little and not clunky. They are easily hidden.

6. Stereo/Microphone jack. This is another feature that may or may not be on the digital voice recorder that you want. It enables you to listen alone or to plug in a mic.

7. Battery life. Look at the type of battery it needs. Always keep a few extra digital voice recorder batteries around so that you are prepared in case your batteries die. It is frustrating to be stuck without batteries and the need to record.

8. Ease of operation. Some of the digital voice recorders take some time to figure out. You should either know ahead of time that it will take you a little bit to get used to it if you get a more complex one. There are some that are cheap digital voice recorders as well as easy to handle.

9. Price. The prices of digital voice recorders can vary a lot between brands. There are cheap digital voice recorders in all the main companies that sell them. Olympus is one brand that has many types of cheap digital recorders and higher end ones, too. Sony digital voice recorders also have a price gap, offering cheap voice recorders and more expensive ones with more features. People tend to like the Sony digital voice recorders because it is a trusted brand.

MP3/MP4/Smartphone Voice Recorders

Another route to go if you want to buy a cheap digital voice recorder is to get a combination device. The two most common electronic gadgets that have a voice recorder as a part of them are mp3/mp4 players and smartphones. If you already have one or both of these then it is likely that you also have something that will record. The biggest problem with these is that the length of time, as well as quality, is much less when it is an mp3 voice recorder. That being said, if you read closely to see how much recording time you will get then you may only need to purchase the mp3 voice recorder to be satisfied. As well, check your cell phone or smartphone to see if it came with a voice recorder. The MyTouch Slide from T-Mobile has a voice recorder with a short recording time.

Shopping for Cheap Voice Recorders

There are two great times in the year to shop for cheap digital voice recorders-- back to school and during the holidays. There are great affordable digital voice recorders like the Sony mentioned above available year round, but shopping during the Christmas holiday shopping season can save money, too. Voice recorders are great gift ideas for men, women, teens, and college students. The digital recorders can be used for many different things from taking notes in class to recording music. Digital voice recorders are great back to school gifts or Christmas presents. They can be placed inside a new boys messenger bag and given as a gift set. Digital recorders are great gadget gift ideas. Many people like digital voice recorders whether they are in school, writers, or just for general memory use.

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