One of these Cheap Disc Golf Bags will not only help keep your disc golf equipment organized, it will help you better enjoy the game, as you won't be fumbling around carrying your various discs throughout the course. You don't see golfers carrying their clubs individually, do you? No way! They use bags - and the same can be said for disc golf.

Fortunately there are several options. And while many people will disagree with the one "Best Disc Golf Bag," the point is that you can find a very good bag at a price that will likely surprise you. In fact, there are a number of companies that make them for under $20! And even the most elaborate bags often cost less than $50. My point is that this sport doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

What Makes A Good Disc Golf Bag

Finding a cheap disc golf bag is only half of the process, the other half is making sure it will work for your needs. You should generally pay close attention to two variables:

Is It Well Built? Will the bag hold up for a long time, or will it begin falling apart before the first season is even over?

Will It Hold Everything? As a disc golfer, you likely have several discs, from drivers to short-distance ones. Make sure you get a bag that will hold all your gear, plus enough room to expand. I don't know too many disc golfers who ever stop collecting equipment, so don't sell yourself short by buying something that will only hinder your future gear.

Here Are Some Good Cheap Disc Golf Bags

There are a number of companies that make some high-quality bags at very affordable prices. Innova, Fade and NutSac are a few of the most respected ones, though there are many more. Let's examine some of these brands a little closer so you can find the one that's right for you:

Disc Golf Bag InnovaInnova Disc Golf Bags

Innova is a leader in the disc golf world, and they've got bags for pretty much all playing levels (from beginners to professionals). The image on the right is the company's "Standard" series bag, which is very highly rated for the average player. It holds up to 12 discs with plenty of room for extras. It's also built very tough and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Innova also makes disc golf bags for beginning and advanced players. If you're just starting out (or if you're a "purist" who prefers using less equipment), you might want to check out the Innova Starter Disc Golf Bag. It comfortably holds 10 to 12 discs, has a side pocket for your favorite beverage and comes with plenty of additional pockets for miscellaneous storage. It's not quite as big or heavy as the "standard," but is still built very tough in its own right.

If you've amassed lots of discs and other disc golf goodies, you'll probably want to skip straight to the Innova Competition Disc Golf Bag. It's big enough to handle pretty much everything, with space for up to 22 discs (with two divider walls for easy organization) and three storage pockets. This is a very highly reviewed bag amongst the world's elite players.

When you're ready to buy an Innova disc golf bag, I'd recommend looking at Amazon first. The prices are always amongst the lowest you'll find anywhere.

Fade Disc Golf BagFade Gear Disc Golf Bags

Fade Gear is another popular brand of disc golfing bags, and like Innova there are several sizes to choose from based on your needs. The bag pictured to the right is called the "Tourney" bag, and is the big daddy of the company line. With enough space for 20 drivers and two putters, beverages, score cards and much more, you'll rarely run out of space. It's also made very stout, so it will withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it.

On the lighter end is the Fade Gear Lite Disc Golf Bag. This one has the space for up to 12 discs and a few extra goodies (including a drink). While not as bullet-proof as the big Tourney bag, it's still a very solid unit that won't show heavy signs of wear for a long, long time.

The "in between" bag in the Fade Gear line is the Fade Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag. This one combines the heavy-duty build of the flagship bag while providing a smaller (but big enough for most users) payload of 10 to 12 discs.

Again, I'd Shop At Amazon For Fade Crunch Disc Golf Bags before looking anywhere else, as you'll almost always find the lowest prices there. Plus you can read through the customer reviews, which is a very nice bonus.

Other Disc Golf Bags

Fade Gear and Innova aren't the only companies who make some truly outstanding products. Lightning, NutSac, Discraft, PDGA and others make some really great bags at very low prices.

Hopefully this article helped point you in the direction of a good, cheap disc golf bag for all your needs!