For people who love their dog, but can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on vet treatments or insurance costs, cheap dog insurance is a definite option. Many people think, due to the high costs related to private health care coverage for people, that dog insurance, similarly, will cost them an arm and a leg. Many people may be surprised to find, however, that dog health insurance, rather than potentially costing thousands of dollars a year as with regular health insurance, instead can cost as little as $10 a month, depending on your plan.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not even know there is animal insurance available for their pet, and they think they're stuck paying hundreds or thousands of dollars every time they have an unexpected visit due to illness or injury to their dog. Either that or people may be aware of pet insurance, but do not think it will be possible for them to get low cost pet insurance, and therefore never put any research into making their vet payments easier for themselves. But cheap dog insurance, just like cheap cat insurance, is very possible and can be achieved by anyone willing to take the time to look online for the best offers.

If you want to take care of your dog but don't want to have to be saddled with huge vet bills, read on to know more about how to get cheap dog insurance.

People love to pamper their pets, dogs especially. There are catalogues filled with accessories, toys, blankets, beds, and clothes you can buy for your animal, and there are huge stores that make tons of money selling these items to people. For many people, the dog truly is man's (and woman's) best friend, and many people think of their dog as an extension of their family. But when your dog gets sick or is in an accident, it can fill one with anxiety: you have to not only worry about the health and well-being of your dog, but you are also concerned about how much you're going to have to pay out of pocket to your vet for treatment.

Fortunately, there is cheap dog insurance available to people who are in just this position. Dog insurance can range anywhere from as little as $10 a month to as much as $70 or more, depending on your pet health care plan and the age, breed, gender and size of your dog. Many people may balk at the idea of $70 monthly dog insurance premiums, but this is optional and usually for people who want to have all of their bases covered in case just about anything happens. Not only that, but that $70 a month dog insurance premium typically covers a huge amount of different things. Depending on your plan, your dog health insurance can cover illness, injury, accident, CT scan, MRI, x-ray, blood work, medicine, cancer, pregnancy, hereditary conditions, burial, dental care, et cetera. Some plans may even cover health care treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic care. A $10 a month plan, on the other hand, will obviously not be as comprehensive as the $70 plan, but it will cover basic pet care and usually will be all that a lot of people need.

You want to be careful, though, that when you are looking to purchase a cheap dog insurance plan, that you do not immediately choose the plan that is the cheapest. It's a good idea to take a look at the other plans, too, and see what they offer, because you may find that you will get a better deal out of a slightly more expensive plan than one that is the most affordable, but only offers the bare bones coverage. That doesn't mean the cheapest plan won't be all your dog will need, but accidents happen and you need to be prepared, if you don't want to be spending thousands of dollars on pet care.

Dog health care insurance is a great way to cover the expensive cost of vet health care treatments. It's a good idea, before going with a plan, that you are completely aware of the details of that plan, and that you also ask your potential insurance carrier important questions like whether or not you can use your own vet, or whether or not your pet will be covered for life if they have an ongoing condition. Cheap dog insurance is possible as long as you take the time to look at the available plans and choose what's best.