If you have a dog, then you know just how much a part of the family they truly are. But sometimes pooches, no matter how well trained, are just runners. I own two that are just like that.

Everything You Need for Outdoor Kennel

 If I open the door, out they go and they come back when they feel like it! So, looking for cheap dog kennels and runs is a good idea to keep your pet safe.

Maybe you don't want to keep your dogs outside all the time, but you do need a place they can go to get a bit of exercise and do their business. But this can get expensive. If you don't want to get into fencing the entire yard, then looking for cheap kennels and runs is the way to go.

Covered Kennel

A Quick and Basic Option


By having an area just for your pet, you can then control where business is being done, and also protect your garden. It is easier to pick up "business" from one area, instead of trying to scout it out from between your rose bushes.

If you are just looking for something simple to keep you dog in, such as a house and a bit of a run attached, or even just a fenced run area (which is what we have), then you can find these quite often used and cheap.

US free ads is one great place to check. This is basically a online buy and sell ad system, that you can check.

Local Paper - Many people may have had a pooch, or are moving and are looking to get rid of a portable run, which is one way to get an affordable kennel and run. Sometimes they will have the house too.

Moving Sales - If you know anyone moving and they are having a garage or yard sale, ask if they want to get rid of the entire kit, or just the run.

Amazon - If you can't find a decent used one, you can get affordable and often cheap ones and runs online. You can get portable fencing designed for keeping track of your pet, especially if traveling. But it is worth checking online for prices of kits and runs for sale to compare prices and get a good idea of what it is worth.

Sometimes, by purchasing online, you can get a good enough deal that it beats trying to find cheap ones used.

Portable dog kennels work well if you are on holiday, or you rent your house, and don't want to start installing permanent fencing, or if you just need to keep track of your pet.

Having a fenced area for your dog is a great idea. If you keep it nice, the pooch feels secure, and he gets a bit of fresh air (this should not be instead of walks with you though!) and he can do his business, without being on a leash.

If you have a small to medium dog there are lots of dog runs and kennels out there, but if you are looking for cheap dog kennels and runs for large dogs, you may want to consider building one yourself with fencing and a gate.

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