Cheap Dorm Room Furniture: The Convenience Of Leasing

Getting into college is one of the most stressful events in a young person's life. A part of you is left behind, a part of you is excited, and the whole of you is having a hard time coming to terms with the reality that you're actually a college undergrad now. It's enough to turn anyone's hair grey. Now on top of that, you're going to have to go our on your own in what's probably a new town, and look for furniture of all things. There's no more perfect combination of 'madness meets mundane' than this. But don't worry. You can solve most of your problems by hiring, or leasing, your furniture from a store or an online resource. Basically, you pay for furniture that you can never call your own, but for all practical purposes use it like it is, and then at the end of an agreed time, say goodbye and never see it again. It's that simple.

Save by Leasing Cheap Dorm Room Furniture
Cheap Dorm Room Furniture: Save By Leasing

There are some great online resources for hiring or leasing your furniture. And it makes a whole lot more sense than buying stuff that either won't last till you finish college, get a job and start you own family, or will be out of vogue by then. Evolvingvox dot com is one of unique websites created by a couple of ex-students of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. This neat site offers very reasonable pricing for a wide selection of new or nearly-new Futons, full beds, TVs, refrigerators, and even DVD players – all at the click of a mouse. Everything is rented out per term starting in fall of that year, and the stuff gets delivered right to your room. Are you searching for that perfect dorm-size refrigerator? No problem – forty five bucks and it's yours for the term. You can get a metal Futon for $75 and even a DVD player for $14. What's more, if you want to pay for all the terms in advance and need to cancel at any time between terms, no problem – it only costs $15 to cancel for your subsequent terms.

Other Benefits Of Leasing Cheap Dorm Room Furniture

If you're still undecided about whether to buy or rent, consider these arguments. First, at the end of one term you might change houses or get alternate accommodation or any one of many things could happen. Ask yourself if you really want to be stuck dragging around the innards of your room everywhere you go. Second, you get high quality items for the price of throwaway furniture and, if you're smart about it, your dorm mates don't even need to know that it's rented. They can just go on thinking that your folks are rich or something – especially if you're getting shiny, brand-new stuff every year. Third, you won't usually need to pay for normal wear and tear of any item, but you might want to think about not putting your roommate's head through the TV after the sixty-eighth time he's woken you up at 4 am for a 'hey, you got a smoke, man' – that, you might have to pay for. Fourth, they're usually delivered to your room pre-assembled so you won't have to call in that favor from the Applied Mathematics major you gave a ride to the other day.

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Tips For Leasing Cheap Dorm Room Furniture

If you're purchasing online you don't have the luxury of bargaining on price. However, make sure that you make a call to check what exactly they're going to be delivering to you. It might help to check around the dorm to see what others, especially seniors say about the different furniture leasing companies servicing that area. If you're physically visiting a shop to pick out stuff to lease, make sure that all their furniture is well cleaned, bug-free and free of any possible breakages that they may pin on you at the end of the term when you're returning it. Also, it's safer to pay cash when you're at a shop, as this will serve as a precaution to prevent any misuse of your credit card information.