What is a Dump Hopper?

A dump hopper is a large metal bin for moving and temporarily storing bulky items or loads of scrap, scrap metal, recycling, or other objects that need to be moved via industrial vehciles like forklifts. You can buy a cheap dump hopper for your business and streamline the process of moving and sorting such items within your yard or scrapyard and facilitate loading them into other larger bins like dumpsters for processing or disposal. Dump hoppers not only hold large amounts of materials and take massive loads of weight, but they are also designed to void their contents quickly, either when the operator of the machine carrying them flips a switch or when the dump hopper itself makes contact with another larger receptacle.

Heavy Duty Stainless steel 7 guage dump hopper in blue

A good sturdy dump hopper can save your workers and business a tremendous amount of time as you will no longer have to use your industrial vehicles to move load by load of garbage, material or scrap. Instead, you can fill up one dump hopper with material and effectively save yourself a large number of trips.

Buying a Cheap Dump Hopper - First Decide Which Kind You Need

There are light, medium and heavy duty dump hoppers available for purchase, and the kind you will need is typically determined by the weight of the average load you want to move in them. Even a lightweight dump hopper can handle up to 2,000 lbs, whereas a super heavy duty dump hopper can handle all the way up to 8,000 lbs. You also need to check to make sure the type and size of vehicle you want to use with your dump hopper will be able to handle not only the load weight but also the weight of your new industrial container! Buying a cheap dump hopper is easy, because there are so many industrial vendors online that show their entire inventory on their websites and make it easy to order their products.

Who Can Benefit from a Cheap Dump Hopper?

There are a number of diverse industries that can benefit from buying a cheap dump hopper. Businesses ranging from agriculture all the way to forging operations will find that having a good sturdy dump hopper around will make it easier and more efficient to perform day to day tasks and to move and process large volumes of materials quickly. A good dump hopper is a business investment that will begin to pay itself back in terms of extra work hours as soon as you begin using it. Chemical businesses can load up a dump hopper with material that needs to be transported to where it is portioned and packaged.

1 cubic yard seld dumping forklift hopper 6000lbs

Scrap metal companies can use a dump hopper as a temporary bin to store all their scrap so it can be easily transported to a larger container when it comes time to process that month's load. Even electronics recyclers can find good use for a sturdy dump hopper. Lumber yards can use their dump hopper to move large quantities of freshly cut logs to the mill where they can be processed.

Regardless of what you ultimately use it for, these wonderful devices have proven themselves time and again as effective workhorses that make moving and organizing large quantities of difficult-to-handle material much easier.