Cheap electric guitars with amps are a good choice if you want to save money but not compromise on quality. Save the hassle of searching for each component separately by getting a discount package. While you may think that cheap electric guitars with amps are for beginners, there are actually some higher end models which come the same way. In this article the first section will take a look at where you can buy them and the second section will take a look at the popular bundles available for sale.

Where to Buy Cheap Electric Guitars with Amps?

You can get different ranges of cheap electric guitars with amps depending on your budget. The amplifiers provided are usually from the same manufacturer as the instrument. Many manufacturers package their instruments with other accessories, making the purchase easier for consumers. By doing so, they can sell more items at one go, thus passing on the cost savings to you. Therefore, you are likely to get a huge discount on cheap electric guitars with amps. These resources below would help you in your search for a suitable package.

Cheap Electric Guitars with - This is the most popular site to buy cheap electric guitars with amps. Amazon has become a household name and boasts a wide range of choice for you to choose from. They carry many famous brands such as Fender, Ibanez, Epiphone and more. With the discounts that they offer, you are certain to find yourself a bargain on cheap electric guitars with amps here. Depending on what you buy, you can even get free shipping on your purchase. - Another website to look at is Musiciansfriend as they have many cheap electric guitars with amps listed here. Browse through the packages sold and you may find one that you like. This site offers free shipping when you buy from them. Both right handed models and left handed models are sold on this website. If you are lucky, you can get them when they are on promotion, which the site runs every now and then during festive seasons. - This website has some of the best deals on brand new cheap electric guitars with amps. Click on the value packs link on their side bar and browse away. You can narrow down your search by price and brand. You can even find some custom made ones here. They offer a worldwide shipping service to over 90 countries, so it would be a good idea to find one here if you are not living in the US. This company even pays you 10% of the price difference if you find a cheaper one somewhere else. - You can get new or second hand cheap electric guitars with amps on eBay. Here, you can buy from sellers all over the world with a click of a mouse. Some may be selling their used whole set of instruments with the amplifier but you can also find new ones on this website. You could probably find inexpensive packages which are made in China, but what you pay is what you get. You would never know the quality of these cheap electric guitars with amps until you receive it. Remember to only buy from sellers with a good reputation.

Once you decide on a model, compare the prices across all the websites to ensure that you end up with the best bargain when buying cheap electric guitars with amps.

Best Cheap Electric Guitars with Amps

Since you know where to buy cheap electric guitars with amps, now you may be wondering what the popular ones among buyers are. Here are the various models of the best cheap electric guitars with amps available on the market. Each of these packs has been best sellers and has lots of positive customer reviews. Read through the specifications and reviews and take your pick. You'll be sure to find something that suits you here.

Dean Starter Pack Vendetta XMT - This full package comes with a Dean Vendetta XMT, Dean M10 amp, gig bag, tuner, cord, strap and picks. Dean is a popular choice among players to get their equipment. While they used to cater to higher end customers, they have started to offer cheap electric guitars with amps for sale. This package is certain to give you a run for your money as it is of high quality. You have a choice between a black body and a red body. This instrument does not go out of tune easily because of the Tune O Matic Bridge which helps keep it in tune longer. The slim neck makes it a beginner friendly instrument because it is easy to handle. Dean cheap electric guitars with amps are more suited to rockers because of its two Dean humbucker pickups which gives it the rock tone.

Fender Starcaster Pack - Fender is another long established manufacturer of musical instruments and as you may guess, they also produce cheap electric guitars with amps. This pack includes the Stratocaster, Squier SP10 amplifier, strings, strap, picks, cable, tuner, gig bag, stand and a DVD lessons. The sound on this instrument is fantastic because of the 3 single coil pickups and 5 way pickup selector switch. It also comes with a whammy bar for additional effects. This bundle costs $230 on Amazon, but with all the accessories included, this is certainly a good price to pay for it.

Silvertone SSL3 Pack - This bundle comes with a Silvertone SMART III amplifier and the accessories like the two cheap electric guitars with amps above. It has 22 frets and is rather heavy at 31 pounds. This will suit those who prefer heavier instruments that produce the unique sound. This 10 watt amplifier with 6 speakers produces a clear and perfect sound when plugged in. Its chrome precision die-cast tuning machine heads are also of better quality than regular ones. As a guarantee that it is of good quality, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can be ensured to receive the best for your money when buying their cheap electric guitars with amps.

With these three cheap electric guitars with amps in mind, you can either get them or start widening your search to find more suitable ones for yourself. With the right amount of research, you can easily find cheap electric guitars with amps for beginners, semi-professionals and even for kids.