Looking for a cheap Elf On The Shelf doll this Christmas season. The Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition book, activity book, and dolls are sold online at Amazon by a number of retailers and the prices are quite low and affordable. The doll in particular is harder to come by and it can be purchased separately from the rest of the products or it can be purchased as part of a set.

Of course there are a couple of Elf dolls available. This Elf On The Shelf doll is the blue-eyed girl doll which is wearing a skirt and looking adorable. The skirt is white with slight ruffles and has red embellishments and the elf is red and is wearing a red hat. The skirt is removable too which is an easy way to turn this elf into a boy.

Elf On The Shelf Set With Doll And BookAs previously noted the Elf On The Shelf doll can be purchased separately but when it is purchased as part of the Elf On The Shelf box set the doll is included at a much lower price than by itself. Some box sets come with the activity book and others come without it. If you are looking for the cheapest Elf On The Shelf set then you may want to do without the activity book however the activities can make this book and doll a more interactive experience for you and your family.

19 Inch Elf On The Shelf Doll - Boy OnlyThe Elf On The Shelf sets are also good gift ideas for you this Christmas season, they not only come with the hardback book edition but they also come in a collectors keepsake box. The cost of the collector's book obviously varies based on what package you buy. The elf doll itself runs around $10 to $20 dollars depending on which doll your buy. There are larger Elf On The Shelf dolls which are 32 inches and smaller ones in the 19 inch variety. There are also different skin tones including light and dark so you may want to shop around to find the best elf doll for you.

Elf On The Shelf Doll SetThe best deal is to buy a set complete with an activity book, hardback edition, and doll together. This is a complete package and is likely to be better enjoyed by your family. The price for the whole set on Amazon is in the $35 to $45 dollar range depending on the exact box gift set you opt to buy.

Elf On The Shelf Doll - Girl Elf Wearing SkirtIf anything is for certain this season the Elf On The Shelf doll and box set is going to be a hit and going to be a welcome addition to anyone's holiday celebration. Whether you buy this for your family for the season or for someone as a Christmas gift, finding a cheap doll or set is going to be important. Make sure to shop around and get the mix of products you want as there are many different Elf sets to choose from and different dolls that come with each one.