If I asked you what a euphonium is, chances are you would look at me blankly and befuddled. But if I were to show you a picture of one you would probably look at it casually and say that it’s a trumpet, tuba, (or something like that).

If you are interested in playing one, thankfully there are some cheap euphoniums for sale. Actually, the euphonium horn is a member of the brass family of instruments and it does look a lot like a tuba, but it’s smaller. Just so that you know next time, here is a short lesson about euphoniums.

People who enjoy classical sounds are usually more familiar with euphoniums because they are found in the low brass section of a band. Coincidentally, this is also the same section in which you would find the tuba.

But perhaps the instrument that is closest to it is the baritone, the major difference being that baritones have three valves, while euphoniums have four. This accounts for the confusion that sometimes occurs when identifying the two instruments.

However, there are some other minor differences between the two. One relates to the shape of the bore (wind passage), the bore of a euphonium is larger and so is the tone. In addition, the mouthpiece has a deep cut shape, while the mouthpiece of the baritone is shaped more like a semi-conical cup.

In terms of sound, euphoniums are not as powerful as some of the other brass instruments, but they definitely have a higher pitch. This allows them to produce a dark rich sound. As a result, they are often the instrument of choice for high pitched solos.

Some music lovers say that they produce a sweet sound. This could be truer than even they might have thought, because the Greek derivative of the instrument’s name can be translated as meaning “sweet-voiced.”

In reality, the sound is really pretty interesting, somewhat brassy like the baritone or the trombone, but not quite the same. Compared to those instruments, it has more of a mid range sound, and can also hit some lower notes than the baritone.

Some music aficionados even think that euphoniums are pitch perfect, neither too harsh, nor too soft. There are several models available such as Yamaha, Wilson, Besson, and York.

Bear in mind though that the professional quality ones are expensive. However, with good care, it is sure to last you for a very long time. When planning to purchase one, it is a good idea to play test it first.

Make sure the environment is right, so try to test it in a large room with good acoustics. Listen to the intonation, and make sure that the sound is as clear as it should be and there is no slurring.

Take your time about testing it, and make sure that it’s feels comfortable. If you would like to learn to play an instrument and have no idea what to choose.

Why not learn the euphonium. Just reflect on how brilliant people will think you are when you tell them you play, not the guitar, violin, piano or even the trombone, but the euphonium. The look they’re likely to have on their face might just be worth it.

You can find cheap euphoniums for sale online, you might even be able to get one on sale at your local music store.