Home Gym Equipment

When looking to get in shape, you may be thinking about purchasing exercise equipment to help you reach your goals.  While treadmills and elliptical machines are great choices, they are expensive and are not always practical.  Instead, you may want to start with some cheap exercise equipment that will give you more flexibility and variety in your exercise routine.  Here are a few items under $20 to consider.

Flex Bands:  A flex band is essentially a large rubber band or elastic.  Where you hold the flex band controls the tension and will allow you to control how easy or difficult it is to do an exercise.   This means that a flex band can grow with you as you become stronger.  Simply change where you grasp the band to shorten the band and increase the tension.  This flexibility means that you can use one piece of equipment to do the job that multiple hand weights would do.  And, because they are lightweight and can go anywhere, they are easy to take with you to the office or while traveling.  Flex bands are perfect for upper-body toning and performing bicep curls, triceps extensions, shoulder and back exercises.

Jump Rope:  Jumping rope is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise.  It’s easy to do and it is also a great way to do interval training.  And similar to flex bands, a jump rope’s portability makes it a great option for someone who travels or is on the go. 

Exercise Videos:  There are fitness videos available for every form of exercise.  Walking routines, yoga, Pilates and aerobics are just a few of the examples of the types of videos available.  There are also a lot of videos that target a specific exercise duration.  So if you only have 10, 15 or 20 minutes to squeeze-in some exercising, these videos give you routines that target those durations.  These timed routines are a great way to eliminate the dreaded feeling of not having enough time in the day to exercise.  Commit just 10-15 minutes and you can start on the road to improved health.

Pedometer:  Walking is a great form of exercise and one of its benefits is that you can walk anywhere and anytime.  A pedometer is a valuable tool for staying on track with your fitness goals.  Not only can it be used to help measure and time your walk or run, it can also be used as a way to measure your daily activity.  So if the pedometer shows that you haven’t been very active that day, you’ll know that you need to add a workout to your schedule.

Yoga Mat:  While you can get away with performing yoga and Pilates exercises without a yoga mat, it is not recommended.  The texture of the mat will allow your bare feet to grip the mat and give you the stability needed to safely perform the exercises.  A yoga mat is also a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in stretching and doing floor exercises.  The mat's cushion will make it much more enjoyable and comfortable to do the exercises.  And if you’re more comfortable performing an exercise, chances are you will do it more frequently.

The variety of exercises performed with the five items outlined above will bring flexibility and diversity to any fitness regime.  The diversity you'll get from these fitness tools just goes to show that cheap exercise equipment isn't limiting in the slightest.   After all, the best home exercise equipment  is something that you'll use again and again.  If it just sits in the corner as a clothing rack, then it wasn't the best home exercise equipment after all.