If you are looking for some cheap family summer vacation ideas, then here is one suggestion that can turn your summer into one to remember.  We have done this, and it can be a great vacation.

House Sit – This is a really cool way to get away from your own home and yet have an affordable vacation.  This does not mean sit in their house all day, but Cheap Family Vacationsget out and enjoy the area and have a place to stay at night.

Put out the word, ahead of time to your friends and family and even co-workers that you are going to be around this year, so if they are going away and they are concerned about leaving their house empty that you would love to house sit with your family with you. 

This can be an easy idea to sell, as many people would prefer not to leave their house empty while away on summer vacation, but many are afraid to ask anyone and end up paying for services to watch their house and cut their lawn etc.

If your friend lives the other side of town or another city, this would be a great way to get to know that area for some fun.  You will have a place to stay, and as long as you keep it clean and take care of it as if it was your own, then it will feel like you are staying in a hotel.

This works especially well if your friends or family have pets that were boarding while away.  You could save them money by staying at their house.  You will take care of the house and the pets. 

You can then check out what things are going on in their area and take day trips to and from the house and yet still be taking care of it.

The best way to do this is to make a list of the things you need to do at the house in order to take care of it properly, so that when they come back they are not coming back to a disaster.

Go over the list together, so that it is totally understood what is expected of you, possibly a few days before they leave.  Go over the care of the house, pets, plants etc.

They are going to want it to be clean, with no dirty dishes everywhere.  So, as long as you keep up with the chores they would have normally paid to have done while away, then this is a cCheap Family Holidaysheap family summer vacation idea.

Once you have your list of things you need to do at this house to keep it in order, then you can enjoy your surroundings.  If they happen to have a backyard pool then this would be a huge bonus!  You may not even leave the backyard if the days are hot and humid. 

This idea can work well for both sides.  It gives you a chance to have a change of pace and feel like a vacation and it gives the home owners the peace of mind knowing that their home is being lived in and not empty, which can attract intruders. 

The homeowner will not have to pay to have someone check on the house, or get their animals boarded or having someone coming to the house to cut the lawn or take care of the pool.  This can save them a lot of money, in exchange for you and your family spending time there.

You can plan each day out, and come home at night and get takeout for dinner and rent some movies.

It could be that there are some cool things to do around your friend’s house, especially if they are in the next city or town. 

As long as you keep the place clean and do the promised chores, then your friends will have a nice clean home to come home to with no worries of intruders or having to cut the lawn or water the flowers as soon as they return.

There are many family summer vacation ideas that can be cheap and yet lots of fun, this one can work well.  We did this with a friend’s cottage once too.

My hubby is handy, and we managed to get a cottage for free, when we realized that the cottage owner, who was a “friend of a friend” was planning on paying out a lot of money for some very simple cottage repairs.  We gave him the option of letting us stay there with our own family for a week, while we spent one of the days doing the repairs.Family Summer Vacations

We still enjoyed the week at the cottage on the beach and for the cost of one of the days in repairs we had a great time at a cottage area that would normally cost a lot of money to rent in.

The cottage owner was very happy, and we were able to do this again the next year.  We totally enjoyed the cottage life for a week, for the cost of one day of repairs (the cottage owner supplies the materials so it was just our labour).

Finances are tight for many right now, but it is still nice to regenerate our souls with a vacation.  But with a bit of networking ahead of time, and offering up these ideas, you can find family summer vacation ideas that are cheap and fun and memorable.

You don’t need to head out of the country to have a great family vacation.  Offering to house sit in another city or town, and then enjoying the fun things to do around there, and getting some takeout and movies, can feel like a total change of pace.

Or letting any friends and family you know who own a cottage or a trailer on a lake that you can do some fixups in exchange for some time there with your family, could save them a lot of money, and end up being a totally affordable and fun cheap family summer vacation.