Most pregnant women on a budget (and less face it who among us isn't on one right now) what to find cheap fashionable maternity clothes, especially if you don't want to sacrifice style for low price pregnancy clothes.

And thank your lucky stars, you really don't have to. There are so many online and offline alternatives to finding trendy maternity clothes.

And really you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for clothing while pregnant. Pregnancy is only a really short fraction of woman's life, so now more than ever in these economic times should a pregnant woman be really frugal when shopping for her clothes.

So What Are the Best Cheap Maternity Clothes?

Old Navy Maternity: 

Old Navy really has some of the most trendy clothes for pregnant women out there. Only at Old Navy can you get a sweater for $8 dollars or maternity pajama pants for $12 dollars or even flattering boot cut jeans for $20 dollars.

That's a real bargain for brand new maternity wear. Old Navy, the Gap and Banana Republic, as you probably already know are apart of the same brand. So you will typically some of the same styling across its brands.

Old Navy Maternity is the low cost version of all of these. Also it's important to note that Old Navy often has even more reduced items on sale when they highlight something being a “customer favorite”. You can often find deeper discounts on pregnancy items and even cheap baby clothes too in store and when you get on the company's mailing list


Of course this might be a no-brainer, but Ebay often has some great options for new and used maternity clothes at deep discounts.

Again, if you're only wearing pregnancy clothes for say two or three times in your life for 9 months at a time, maternity clothes should be one of your cheapest clothing expenditures in your life. And Ebay really gives you that option of paying less for cheap fashionable maternity clothes.

You can also quite often find great finds even for maternity business clothes and formal dresses too.

Thrift Stores for Second Hand Maternity Clothes: 

Thift Stores are another way to actually save a lot of money on pregnancy clothes. Of course some of the downsides are that obviously they are they are used, just like on Ebay (though you can find new clothes there), but also typically the organization in thrift stores aren't the best.

So you'll often have to really shop around to find what you want. Because you are paying so little, you may also want to consider larger sizes as well that you can grow into and are still fashionable.


If you have trendy fashionable friends who are all pregnant or have been pregnant, you could do a clothing swap.

This is a great free option to getting great stylish pregnancy clothes, but without paying high prices, especially if your friends all like clothes. You might even consider hosting maternity clothes trading parties with your stylish friends and neighbors. This is a great way to find cool finds for cheap.

So there you have it. There are so many options when it comes to cheap fashionable maternity clothes.